Spigot FreedyMinigameMaker2 1.4.3

Create arcade games with a script system.

  1. This incredible, i have a lot fun with that plugin!
    but i want some changes and additions in wiki and many plugin updates:
    BUGFIX :
    1- "preDeathCmd" and "deathCmd" event bundles does nothing, idk why but i use "worldChangeCmd" instead.
    2- cant open gui for "conStartCmd".
    3- "blockDamageCmd" uncancellable.
    4- flowing liquid blocks except of liquid sources will not reset after "blockReset"
    5- tnt explosions also will not reset.

    I will try other mechanics in the next time, but these bugs needs to be fixed in future)
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  2. OK! I got it. it will be soon. and i will update. thank you! amazing!
    But sorry, i have no idea at this time about tnt explosion. I will try to figure out. and i will be back.
    somehow, tnt explosion maybe can fill with vanilla minecraft command that "/fill" whether game map is simple and flat..
    yes! deathCmd not work! but, preDeathCmd work only nature death. i have nice solution. This is my work. check this out.

    Code (YAML):
       - fut {player} if {playerHealth} <= {damage} fut {player} do death
     - fut {player} sendMsg private You die!
    and, gui command that /fut <player> gui <invName> may work.
    But this gui command not work, try with fut <player> execute fut <player> gui <invName>.
    Oh, blockDamageCmd is really not working with fut <player> cancelEvent, I see.
    I will add {playerIsBlocking} syntax when i done this update.
    and there is method of prevent damaing block, that check is player damaging block with this syntax and change player gamemode survival to adventure on one moment.

    I will update wiki, whole of this update.
    and thank you.
  3. Now about plugin wiki, many important aspects missing:
    1- i mean that you need to add info about default minigame creation method using /fmg create <name>
    2- huge percent of existing functions hasn't described, some like of these: fakeBlock, goalTarget, loadChunk, e.t.c...
    3- explainable syntax of '-fut' is wrong for real experience, '- fut' is correct
    4- {miniGamedata(test, isPlaying)} not working in presented format (isn't checking isPlaying status for "test" minigame)
    5- "{roundUp(3.5)}" is correct, but roundDown - "
    roundDown(3.5)}", maybe just open bracket needed...
    6- no compacted and extended info about gameType, difference between "build" or "death" modes...
    7- also nothing about existing values for {cause}, {itemType}, {blockType} and other placeholders, nms or bukkit javadoc links here will fit fine)
    8- separated pages (one for placeholder details, another for plugin commands) looks more comfortable

    I've seen more hidden features in /fut than i've expected, then my update ideas list will be later...
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  4. Ok! I will make it out for every perfect idea of minigame.
    I will update wiki about you said.
    also this plugin isn't very compact so need wiki very much.
    now, i will figure out to how explain this. and wiki update is soon.

    spotlight wiki: how to test syntax? => just put in front of command this. /fut <player> execute fut <player> ...
    Because syntax not replaced on player-execute command. fut <player> execute <command> <- command is set console-execute command.
    im readying for huge update of wiki. :)
    and thank you!
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  5. I have BBQ chiken by plugin user. Thank you for buy! I love you
  6. I wanna show some of my ideas:
    1. custom minigame structures - first step you need place infested_stone blocks, one for +x,+y,+z and second for -x,-y,-z, next step you stand between these blocks and run /fmg structure - plugin is creating region from your position and expanding that, while both infested blocks not found at region corners
    (example: infested_stone-blocks for positive and negative region corners, region borders isn't selected; glass-preview selected region, structure_void-block that replacing to air after structure creation)
    /fmg structure <name> - save selection with <name>.schem file in plguin folder
    /fut <player> buildStructure <name> - place structure from file at <player> position
    2. {footX}, {footY}, foot{Z} - new placeholders like {eye}, but contains position under player, that useful for checks.
    3. local gamerules - some kind of that:
    explostions: true/false (explosions from tnt that placed by ingame players or other ingame mobs would break blocks)
    spawnMobs: true/false (prevent natural, from spawner and by ingame players mobs spawn, except of minigame code)
    itemDrops: true/false (disable drop from killed mobs and players)
    blockDrops: true/false (disable drop from destroyed blocks and tileentities)
    and some settings for events:
    moveIntesity: 1 (set distantion between activations like half the block or 4 blocks per activation)
    interactCooldown: 1 (time for interact event recharge and prevent spam) also works with other often events...
    entitiesLimit: -1 (prevent spawn for new mobs and entities while limit is reached, useful for mob arenas and something like that)
    4. {location(saved location, given location)} - new placeholder and easiest way to check block position:
    - fut {player} if {location(spawn, {playerTargetBlock(5)})} == true fut {player} do ...
    instead of this painful code:
    - fut {player} if {contain(-37.0, {playerTargetBlock(3)})} == true fut {player} if {contain(12.0, {playerTargetBlock(3)})} == true fut {player} if {contain(61.0, {playerTargetBlock(3)})} == true fut {player} do ...
    or this moveCmd:
    - fut {player} if {contain(-37.0, {roundDown({x})})} == true fut {player} if {contain(11.0, {y})} == true fut {player} if {contain(62.0, {roundDown({z})})} == true fut {player} do ...
    also combine {x}, {y}, {z} in {playerLocation} and
    5. /fut <player> fillRegion <material> <pos1> [pos2] - fill area from <pos1> to <pos2> with <material> blocks, if [pos2] empty, then it's working like /setblock alternative.
    6. /fmg loot <name> - save items from container you looking at.
    /fut replaceLoot <name> <loc> - set <name> content in <loc>.
    7. if i want to disable in team pvp, i need some values like {damager}, {damaged}, {shooter}, {dead} and other for checks like
    - fut {player} if {itemType(39)} == red_concrete fut {damager} cancelEvent
    8. new events like: sneakCmd(nothing), jumpCmd(nothing), projectileHit({targetBlockType}, {targetBlockLocation}, {targetEntity}), swapHandsCmd, slotScrollCmd(c):
    9. additional states placeholders like {isRunning}, {isSneaking}, {isGliding}, {isSwimming}, {isSleeping}, {hasItem()}
    10. check for saved /fmg set <name> <item> with {item(<name>)}
    - fut {player} if {itemType({item(magic)})} == true fut {player} do ...

    Oh, yes - merry christmas)

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  7. yes.

    1. no
    2. ok but same as {x} that {footX} i will add this too
    3. noo moderation of entity system is hard to try.. sorry. buuuuut i will add prevent tnt explosion option on settings.yml, at that time, settings.yml have to reset and need to delete.
    4. ahh! I think if command can't do with spaces text. This is problem. I will find out how to figure this.
    5. oh better worldedit system. i will try to connect worldedit depends. TRY!!! no sure about success..
    6. I'm was just planning to do chest function. This will coming soon.
    7. There is {entityType} and {entityName} on damagedCmd. check if entityType is PLAYER and check again with entityName of player. and fut <player> do ...
    8, 9. sneakCmd ok, jumpCmd no, swapHandCmd ok, slotScrollCmd ok, {targetBlockLocation} ok, {isRunning} ok, {isSneaking} ok, {isGliding} ok, {isSwimming} no, {isSleeping} ok, {hasItem()} ok
    10. oh i see but i will make if command can work with spaces text so it can be check item name. sorry :(

    oh my god. so many..
    But im just ok.

    update is what i am said.

    i am trying to do not game on last of years day

    i will finish this before last of years day.

    i am exciting of if command spaces executable. it is easy to fix.

    and thank you.
  8. Fine, just we have same {eyeX} as {x} and for 5 i know that, but sometimes really need to place single block (execute setblock is bad, fill too), also /fmg structure and can be replaced to worldedit /schem save but buildStructure still important...
    what's about projectileHitCmd?
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  9. hidden command:
    /fut <player> setBlock <world> <x> <y> <z> <blockType>

    Oh i need to sleep and ok about {x}.
    I will check this later. and i will try to save scheme and load. With worldedit. ProjectilehitCmd will be added targetBlock.

    But structure is no
    Because worldedit is best solution.
  10. such as /fut worldedit set <loc> AIR
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  12. minecraft 1.8 version maybe yes.

    but i dont know really can do
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