Spigot FreedyMinigameMaker2 1.5.3

Create arcade games with a script system.

  1. Something about "print" usage:
    color codes disables placeholders when placed like
    - print &bplayer name

    For better understanding i would recommend to add some pre-created .as examples,
    and default codes when creating new game,
    also wiki changes like script syntax before examples
    then work with FAQ...
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  2. No info about new feature on wiki, pls give attention to previous request
  3. Complete Wiki Update. I'll keep that in mind.
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  4. I am making examples.....
  5. one more thing - "execute in" fixed already?
  6. no..
    I suggests to work with commandblock redstoneblock setBlock
  7. Umm
    print &bplayer name
    -> print &b player name
    or -> print "&b"player name
    or -> print "&b" player name
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  9. Is there any difference between 'all' or 'game' prefixes for action?
  10. yes,
    This is a modifier to express where data is stored.
    all is per file and stored permanently
    game is a game unit and is destroyed when the game is deactivated
    player is per player and is destroyed when the player leaves
    Most of them have this meaning, but the modifier all of the target has the meaning of checking all
  11. also missing wiki-explanation about that)
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  12. Right after my random visit on wiki?)
  13. yeah~!