Spigot FreeRPG [1.15-1.16.5] 1.4.51

An RPG plugin that adds skills, leveling, abilities, and more!

  1. Hello! First of all, I wanted to say that your plugin is amazing, keep up with the amazing work!
    Well, I have an issue: it's the digging skill. I have the "Rarer Drops" at level 3 and all the enchanted books I've got didn't have any enchantments; they were glowing, had a yellow name but no enchants in them. Is there any way to solve this? I started using this plugin not long ago, with the 1.4.27 version, but it also happened at the latest version. The server's version is the 1.16.4, I hope it's useful information!
    (BTW, I could be extremely unlucky but I didn't seem to get any emerald even though I did get rarer treasures, like enchanted books and dragon's breath potions)
    Thank you for reading!
  2. The issue with the enchanting books is due to the plugin thinking the enchanted book drop was overwritten by, well, and enchanted book in advancedConfig.yml. Replaced items do not get enchanted, so that's why it's not encahnted.

    In regards to never seeing an emerald, I'm a little surprised. I tested and I wasn't able to get any either. I'm pretty sure I made an error in advancedConfig.yml and
    Code (Text):

    drop11BaseChance: 0.00229
    should be
    Code (Text):

    drop11BaseChance: 0.0229
    I saw better drop rates after making this change.

    You can actually fix both these errors without updating.
    In advancedConfig.yml change the drop rate under digging.drops.drop11BaseChance to 0.0229 and you should see drops at a more reasonable rate. For your issue with enchanted books, change digging.drops.drop12Name to "enchanted_book_null" or something that minecraft won't recognize.

    The next update will also patch these things (though, you will need to edit digging.drops.drop11BaseChance by hand if you don't want to use a fresh copy of advancedConfig.yml on update).
  3. It's working now, thank you very much!
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  5. I was looking over the skills in game and saw that the bottom section doesn't have passive skills to collect. (Repair, Agility, Alchemy, Smelting, Enchanting) I have passive skills to select, but no tokens to spend on. Is this intended or do I need to set something up? Do they add the points automatically?
  6. Passive skill points get added automatically for the 5 bottom skills because each only has on passive skill (dye). The tokens are meant to give the player a choice in how to invest their tokens, so it doesn't make much sense to give them tokens when they are forced to put them in one passive skill.

    Skill tokens should be given to the 5 skills you're talking about though.
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  8. Hiya, not sure if you've tackled this yet, but on the off-chance you have... gunna drop some feedback to let ya know that the latest version still not playing nice on this front. Anyone part of the same nation cannot attack or damage anyone else at all with the 'Friendly Fire is disabled!' message appearing in chat each time (regardless of what nation settings were).

    (Not sure if it'll help and I don't know how engageable the Towny Devs are... but should I also head their way to drop a message?)
  9. From your message, it's unclear if you are saying FreeRPG events (getting exp and abilities triggering) are occurring despite friendly fire being disabled. If this is the case, I'm very confused; FreeRPG operates after Towny, and Towny cancels the event if friendly fire is disabled (which should mean the FreeRPG event never fires). If this is a problem, I'd recommend disabling FreeRPG from working with PvP all together by changing advancedConfig.yml setting general.allowPvP to false.

    If your issue is just that message spamming and PvP not working the way you want it to in Towny, I am nearly 100% certain FreeRPG is not causing these issues. The message "Friendly Fire is Disabled!" is sent by Towny (no such message exists in FreeRPG). Furthermore, FreeRPG does not ever disable minecraft PvP (I never cancel the "EntityDamageByEntityEvent," which is how you turn off PvP); FreeRPG only every cancels its own abilities and experience drops.

    If you're curious, I looked into towny's source code to try to figure out what you're issue is. These parts of code are responsible for sending you the "Friendly fire is disabled!" message.

    This event is firing in towny:
    Code (Text):

    @EventHandler(priority = EventPriority.HIGH, ignoreCancelled = true)
    public void onEntityDamageByEntity(EntityDamageByEntityEvent event) {
      if (CombatUtil.preventFriendlyFire((Player) attacker, (Player) defender, world)) {
      // Remove the projectile here so no
      // other events can fire to cause damage
      if (attacker instanceof Projectile)
    Which invokes this method:
    Code (Text):

    * Should we be preventing friendly fire?
    * @param attacker - Attacking Player
    * @param defender - Defending Player (receiving damage)
    * @param world - TownyWorld being tested.
    * @return true if we should cancel damage.
    public static boolean preventFriendlyFire(Player attacker, Player defender, TownyWorld world) {
    * Don't block potion use (self damaging) on ourselves.
    if (attacker == defender)
      return false;
    if ((attacker != null) && (defender != null))
      if (!world.isFriendlyFireEnabled() && CombatUtil.isAlly(attacker.getName(), defender.getName())) {
        try {
          TownBlock townBlock = new WorldCoord(defender.getWorld().getName(), Coord.parseCoord(defender)).getTownBlock();
          if (!townBlock.getType().equals(TownBlockType.ARENA))
          return true;
        } catch (TownyException x) {
           // World or TownBlock failure
           // But we are configured to prevent friendly fire in the
           // wilderness too.
           return true;
    return false;
    Why this method is being invoked when you're not expecting it to be is beyond me, but I'm pretty sure it's not a FreeRPG issue.
  10. I am fairly sure I helped this person out on the Towny discord. They had trouble finding the /tw toggle friendlyfire command.
  11. Hello I need help with your plugin,I need evo translation into Russian, please if you can translate throw me in the discord impinky#6676 or Vk - https://vk.com/id409116499
  12. The plugin already has a translation into Russian. I don't know russian so I cannot speak for its accuracy.

    To change your personal language into Russian, type /frpg, click the redstone in the bottom right, then click the dye below the book that says "Russian."

    To make it so everyone who joins a server's default language starts as Russian, in config.yml change general.forceLanguage to "ruRU". TIf you want to make it so this is the only language players can use, in config.yml set general.forceLanguage to true.

    Finally, if you are unhappy with the translations provided, you can edit the lang.custom heading under langauges.yml to translate the plugin however you'd like.
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  14. How do you actually use Super Bait? Can't seem to get it to work. :(
  15. Left click a fishing rod to "ready" the ability.
    Then cast your fishing line into the water and pull it out. The ability should activate.
    While the ability is active, every time you cast a fishing rod into the water and pull it out, you will get a catch (you don't need to wait for the fish to come to you or the bobber to bob).
  16. Any reason why this wouldn't work? I've never been able to activate it before regardless of version. Left-clicking the water, the air, even just left-clicking the rod.

    Oh. I'm dumb. Left-click a solid block to activate...
  17. I just realized that using Spectral Arrows doesn't level Archery at all.

    Is this intended? Little annoying considering the piles of them I've fished up as loot.