Freez when crossing certain chunk borders

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  1. Hello,

    I have a problem on my server which is critical.

    Indeed, when any player enters some chunk, the player freezes completely for about 3 seconds (there are 4 worlds and the bug occurs in one and only in some chunks)

    I tried to totally remove all the buggy chunk blocks and it always happens every time.

    The chunks are nothing special and you should know that I have a test server with exactly the same plugins / same worlds and it does not affect this one.

    I have for the moment a doubt on the fact that it comes from world edit because all the chunks which are bugger, I use world edit above (to remove layers or copy paste a house for example)

    Does someone have an idea ? :/

    It makes an area of the world totally unplayable
  2. Do /timings on
    Cause the problem
    Do /timings paste
    Post the link here
  3. Paper changes the way chunks are loaded, so if you have a chunk loading problem, you need to ask the Paper people.
  4. Ok i will thanks
  5. Could this be an entities issues? Check F3
  6. I don't think, there is no build in this chunk .. Even when i delete ALL blocks in the chunk the freez is here ..
  7. Answer from Paper :
    "loooong standing weellll knnnown vanilla bug
    it's a client issue too, there is a mod called starlight which can be instaled on the client to fix it"

    They say that there is no solution ..
  8. You could try deleting the world folder and letting the server generate another one, although everything will get wiped it'll probably fix the problem, yet, is it worth wiping everything on that world?
  9. Yeah the problem is coming from the regions folder but i can't delete my regions it's egal to delete my server, all the players as builds many thinks
  10. Thanks you but i tried this today (even delete chunk) and this doesnt help, i need to delete the whole region above the chunk for freez to stop
  11. I found a solution, the head in the world is causing the problem. Juste delete the most possible head (and any plugins like mobhead, playerhead)
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  12. It should be fixed with Minecraft 1.17.1 I believe?
  13. Good day. Have you found a solution? I had this problem back in 1.15.2 - players placed a lot of heads and when they crossed certain chunk pieces, it froze. I also removed most of the goals placed by the players then, it became better. Perhaps you managed to find a solution to the problem that would save the heads, but optimize their loading, maybe some plugin is able to do this?
  14. If your problem is related to heads then no there’s nothing you can do unless remove them. The client loads them, the server have no control over what the client loads.