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  1. So, I am trying to setup a cosmetics page which requires a open area.
    I warp a player to the area, change their speed to 0 and jump height to 0, however if you try hard enough you can still jump walk (When a players jumps and in the air moves forward). I want the player to be in an open area but I don't want them to move, what should I do? Is there a freeze plugin out there that enables and disables but does not lock the players rotation just the movement. Any plugins, commands, ideas?
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  2. Option one: You can give them two potions, Slowness and Jump, both with a really high value
    Option two: Create your own plugin, check if the user is in the area and block its movement using PlayerMoveEvent
    Option three: This plugin might be useful zPlayerFreeze
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  3. Thank you for the list of options
  4. I think stop sending position packets for specific player should be the best solution.
  5. That would allow the player to move but other players will see it frozen