FreezeMC Server [Need staff, Dev And lot more]

Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by Slaptheflaps, Jun 14, 2016.

  1. Come check out my Brand new minecraft server


    Please come check it our and support me and my server by donating to keep the server running
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  3. wot

    Also if you need developers its a good idea to say your budget here, if you don't have one (because apparently you cant even pay for the hosting...) than developers wont come.
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  4. ok My budget at the moment it not a lot £30-80
  5. Registering literally six days ago doesn't help your case at all.
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  6. I was on having fun into someone who was Invisible killed my horse, I knew cause only two people showed up in tab but it said that 3 people were online, its a trolling server, or atleast some staff are
  7. We just Restarted it as it was lagging
  8. fits server name.
  9. Most of us here own a server, could own a server or have owned a server. I would be very surprised if you found a "staff Dev and a lot more" without offering to pay a penny, however we will tell you how to improve. I would suggest first of all to buy a domain name so you're not connecting through a numbered ip
  10. Also hire better staff, instead of letting your friends be like 2nd or 3rd from owner and just trolling everybody
  11. Ok will do