Spigot Fresh Wilderness 1.5.0

Regenerate wilderness chunks after a specific amount of time.

  1. Is there a way to exclude certain worlds from having chunks being regenerated?
  2. Can you add support to factionsUUID?
  3. It already does, install Factions Framework with it
  4. Does it work with 1.11?
  5. Not yet. I'll add that soon
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  6. any chance on having kingdoms support?
  7. Can you put a little per-world support?
  8. Can you add WorldGuard support?
  9. Can you add Donate button? :3
  10. Someone in the reviews said he wanted it to work with Kingdoms+. There is also a free version of the plugin and if you make it work with that it should work with Kingdoms+ =)

    The free version is called Kingdoms Lite or something.
  11. its being worked on, my dev is working on a fork for kingdoms+ and so he was going to add in some stuff to this plugin to have it compatable. hopefully be done soon
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  12. that works too :D
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  13. Nice plugin, I would like to see WorldGuard regions support and world whitelist to make it usable on my server :).