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Friend-System! Spigot/Bukkit

  1. You cannot use itemids in Minecraft Version 1.16.
    You have to use the exakt name: https://www.digminecraft.com/lists/item_id_list_pc.php
    for example: 'birch_planks'
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  2. No, I had the item disabled and commented out but I was still getting the error. Update seemed to have fixed the issue :cool:
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  3. Hello, there is a problem, I changed the head to not be given to players, but it is still issued

    # Если вы отключите элемент friend-item, инвентарь можно будет открыть только с помощью / friends
    Включить: false
    Имя: "&aFriends &7(щелкните правой кнопкой мыши)"
    Материал: "player_head"
    # Вы можете разделить строки с помощью '//'
    Lore: "//&7Rightclick this item to open the / / &7friend-inventory!"
    Инвентарный номер: 4
    # Если у вас возникли проблемы с получением элемента Friend-Item, даже если вы включили его выше, попробуйте включить DelayedInventorySet, чтобы
    # добавьте небольшую задержку перед размещением предмета в инвентаре игроков
    DelayedInventorySet: false
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  4. I'm having the same issue
  5. When the FriendItem is disabled in the config.yml, you have to clear it out of your inventory once.
    It won't come back afterwards
  6. When you return from hell, the head comes back
  7. Did the last update fixed the issue?
  8. @Flocrafter77 Seeing a positive change indeed, down to 345 connections and only 75 are FriendsReloaded. This is MUCH better
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  9. Nope, even if the item doesn't exist at all in inventories it'll spawn a new one in despite
    Enable: false

    in the config.
    Also, the only way to get it to stop spawning in the item is to comment out the settings in the config resulting in server console getting spammed with
    "ERROR] Could not pass event InventoryMoveItemEvent to FriendsRELOADED v1.3.5"

    The update might have fixed the null exception but I can't use this version quite yet. Keep up the good work regardless, this plugin has a lot of potential and I would like to support development and use it again sometime in the future
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  10. Okay, will be fixed for sure in the next update. I promise
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  11. Was wondering if latest version re-added PAPI support?

    Welp not PAPI support but if the Friends placeholders work again
  12. The placeholders work.
    PAPI don't
  13. i have this issue too after update to the latest version
  14. Hello I have a problem with this error in my console: Failed to initialize pool: Cannot load connection class because of underlying exception: 'java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "3306: 3306"' Someone can me ' help?
  15. You have inserted something wrong in your mysql.yml.
    I guess you put your port in 'host' and 'port'
    In the field 'host' you have to only put your ip or localhost. Do not add :port
  16. Great plugin so far, however i also am unable to move the player head out of the inventory even through it is disabled. Will try clearing out the inventory like you suggested.
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  17. When will be the update of placeholders? : (