Spigot FriendsList Reborn 3.0

Friends plugin with GUI

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    FriendsList Reborn - Friends plugin with GUI

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    Bug Patches and new GUI design

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  3. Great updates. I was looking for a simple friends plugin exactly like this. Would it please be possible to add a teleport toggle feature? when ON, friends can teleport to you, but when OFF, friends can NOT teleport to you? Thank you very much!
  4. from what i understand you mean like /friend tp false and prevents tp to someone, i will work on it asap.
  5. Thank you for the update. Much appreciated. Works great and does exactly what was needed in my opinion.
    If you do decide to work on this plugin some more, I think that adding all the plugin features into the GUI would make this a very solid plugin.
    Thanks again, and great work!