From Spigot to Bungee

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  1. Hello,
    I have a problem. I recently decided to add more servers to my already existing server. But when I add a bungee server I will have to put my existing server in offline mode, what causes to make new player UUIDs. Is there a way to use the old UUIDs?
  2. Bungeecord communicates with Spigot and tells Spigot which UUIDs to use for players joining. BungeeCord will use the "real" UUID of the player.

    You don't have to worry about UUIDs messing up.
  3. I thought that two but I put the server in offline mode and enabled the bungee server and when I joined it says: "Welcome kaasblokje150 to the server" so its not getting the essentials UUIDs
  4. Are you sure you've enabled the "bungeecord" option in spigot.yml and enabled "ip_forward" in bungeecord's config.yml?
  5. The main bungeecord config file you set to online-mode=true and the world's ones are offline-mode:false
  6. Use onlyproxyjoin and enter the Bungee IP into the config so people won't join directly to the spigot server with your account.
  7. Using a plugin for this is a bad solution to a problem you shouldn't have.

    Straight from the BungeeCord wiki's firewall guide:
    What you should be doing is one of two things:
    If you're only using a single machine, set your Spigot servers to listen on This means they will not listen to any public network interfaces, so only local applications can connect (in this case BungeeCord).
    If you're using a multi-machine setup, follow the guide linked above, which explains how to secure your network with iptables.