From where do I start learning plugin development?

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  1. First off I am not new to the world of programming/development because I am a front end web developer.

    I am new to spigot and I just created a server 3 days ago so I was looking forward to start creating plugins and I have a couple of questions right here.

    From where do I start?
    What are the languages that I need to learn?
    How much time will it take me?
    How much will it cost me?
    How hard is it?
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  3. Start by learning Java before making plugins. Do this through YouTube or books. Then go into learning the bukkit api. I started off with YouTube before trying to make actual decent plugins and I googled a lot for them.

    Technically you only need Java but after you get proficient with that, I'd recommend learning KO to in.

    It won't cost you anything, or if you go with books, like $20.

    The difficulty really depends on you. Some people will pick it up just like that and some people take ages to learn it. Your first language will always be the hardest, so you could familiarize yourself with programming by learning a basic language like python first. After that, a new language will be a breeze since they're all very similar (just the syntax changes really)
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  4. Thanks!
    All of you were helpful
  5. I would contribute but it seems everything has already been said.

    Just one thing that I disagree with that has been said was the fact that someone recommended you learn one language to learn another, which I find is not very efficient.

    The reason why is because each OOP language has the same principals, just different syntax. By doing this all you will be doing is learning a new syntax you will never use rather then learning proper OOP concepts while also learning the language you will use.

    There is no pre requisite to learning a language but an understanding of OOP programming concepts in my opinion. Learn that and all you will need to do when switching is learning the syntax, which can take an advanced OOP programmer just up to 2 weeks to get a good enough understanding to code big projects with that language.