Bungee - Proxy Full BungeeSystem 1.1

A complex Bungeecord System with many useful features for Admins and Users

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    Full BungeeSystem - FullBungeeCord Bungee Bungeecord System fully adjustable

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  2. 2 Questions:
    1st. Will this work with DeluxeChat? since I know this does /msg and global messaging
    2nd. Can I have AutoMessages be per server?
  3. 1. I dont know what the DeluxeChat do, but i can do it so that you can aktivate and deactivate the the /g or /gmsg commands
    2. Yes i can do it per Server i update this in the next Days
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    Bugfixing and new features

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  5. Please add language YML I dont want messages in german. Also the broadcast per server is a little buged I think, in localhost when I enabled it I started to read players msgs from others servers... even I got random damage.
  6. Hi @alexsatellite , thank you for your message. Sadly, I have to tell you that this plugin won't be updated. BUT in a few days there will be a new project like this.
    The new plugin is more comfortable and easyer to use. This will be a plugin with single modules. So you can choose which features/module you want to install and use. I hope this will fix your problems and you'll enjoy it.
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