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Discussion in 'Hosting Advice' started by LulKeith, Jul 30, 2017.

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  1. Hello spigot members,

    Around 2 months ago I stumbled upon a thread on the controversial MC-Market website advertising a host known as Pebblehost. I read up on it, saw how cheap it was, and I figured, this can't be too bad compared to other hosts on this website.

    So to begin my experience, before I bought my first server with them, I spoke to the CEO of the company, Dan AKA Aloneee, I asked him a few questions regarding hardware because the companies budget plans nodes used a processor with 2.66Ghz, which I thought was a tad low, he stated there was 2x on the node so I figured, what could go wrong? Since it was only $1/gb I decided to get myself a 2gb server. Everything went smoothly I got the server instantly (between 2-5 minutes after purchase, as expected) and everything ran really smoothly. I did a few performance tests, I botted the server with about 50-60 bots dropping inventories full of random stuff (and about 15-20 plugins that are extremely resource intensive) and I never saw the tps go below 18.5 (Keep in mind this is a 2gb server) once testing was finished, I worked on it for a few days and opened it as a whitelisted smp. It peaked at about 15 people, the tps stayed at a steady 19.50-20tps with 15 people actively loading chunks, mining, afk fishing, and with loads of redstone running, sadly that server did not make it far due to my inexperience in that type of gamemode.

    My second experience with them was even better, since I was low on money, I only got 1gb this time, I ran the same tests and got the same results which is amazing. Once again I opened this server as a whitelisted SMP and it is currently very popular, averaging around 8-10 people(thats big for this type of gamemode) on at a time actively working with redstone, and doing other resource intensive things, so far I haven't seen the server go below 19tps (other then the heavy testing I was doing) The server runs skript and coreprotect which require a lot of resources to run so that is amazing. They even recently upgraded their hardware! Within the past day or so I upgraded my server to 2gb because all the activity on the server was using up almost all the RAM I had, and the CEO helped me through the process of upgrading, so far I haven't found anything wrong with this host with my experience with them so far.

    I can truly tell the staff know what they're doing, I know from personally talking to Dan him and the CTO Frank work their butts off to make sure everyone has the same smooth experience on their server. One cool feature they have on their website is a node monitor, it shows ram and processor usage on each node to show soon-to-be customers that nothing is being oversold. They actively answer questions 24/7 on Discord, Livechat, and Ticket submissions.


    I give this host a 5/5 in all categories. This host is one of the best on the market. At only $1/gb I can truly say they don't sacrifice quality for cheap pricing.

    Once again this review is based off my experience on the Budget nodes, I can only imagine the premium nodes to be 10x better.

    Thank you for reading.

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  2. I have used them as a test server and it's good and their server's performance is good but their nodes seems to be getting oversold now.

    Dan/Aloneee is a great guy. Also his CTO Frank helped me out setting up ptero on my server.

    Sometimes their website is unresponsive but i don't think so maybe thats just me.

    Anyways nice review tho.

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  3. With the website we will be most likely switching very soon as myself I have noticed issues.

    Within the Overselling most of our nodes are around 20/64Gb used :D


    Thanks both for the reviews <3
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  4. This isn't specifically aimed at Pebble host but I wouldn't trust anything below $2/gb. Profit margins are unrealistically low in most cases and I wouldn't expect such a company to stick around for a long time.
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  5. Milk the cow until it's empty, right? Go for the good, cheap host while it's around and then go back to more luxurious hosts afterwards, e.g. the host advertised in your description.

    Have a slight feeling this is your service from this?
    If so, I must say, I'm quite impressed over the price versus usage. I also see how you're staying alive selling dedicated servers and colocation, as those are also very cheap, and will easily draw customers if the cheapest service you got is great.
    Might get one myself to test out :p
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  6. Yep its my service, Thank you and would love to see you as a customer soon!
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  7. It's a decent host. Support isn't the fastest although they are friendly. Ended up leaving the site open till I got a notification.
    Performance is decent for the processor he is running.

    Edit: You are using them term "CEO" even though you aren't even registered in the UK... :triggered:
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  8. Milk the cow until the owners of the businesses suddenly stop caring and ditch all their nodes and fail to pay provider invoices. There you are then, no server, no playerdata, nothing. It's happened often and it'll keep happening because consumers aren't careful about picking their next host and usually go with the cheapest available.

    They are the cheapest because they don't have to invest resources, time and money into stuff like accountants, legal stuff, and a bunch of complicated paperwork.
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  9. I get you're not targeting this at us in specific although nolag, aquatis and other $1/gb hosts seem to be doing fine.

    Also on the paperwork note, Here's some of the closest paperwork I could grab from this month for Pebble. (Most of this is for income tax)

    Yeah, Its a widely used term that a lot of people know and will know to understand your role.
    Support is Just me at the moment although we're looking to possibly get another person helping out on the support side of things :)
  10. I fail to see how having a backup plan ready with e.g. Contabo & OVH VPS paired with server backups is not good enough. Care to go against that then?
    By the way, that's something every owner going for a cheap host should do, if you don't just go straight for VPS'.
  11. I'm going to start out with stating my first point being that you're trashing reviews on smaller hosts so that you can use that big banner in your signature to advertise AnvilNode so you can make a quick buck, which extremely shitty of you.

    And as Dan already stated, there are hosts that are much cheaper, that are doing as good, if not better than Pebble.

    Also what you all failed to notice is, hosts that offer servers under $2/gb usually have Budget and Premium plans so they can run the best of both worlds.

    So lets stop the little cock fight, I didn't make this so it could be derailed by little kids.

    There are plenty of hosts out there offering servers below $2/gb one includes Wulf, which I used to work for, and they've been able to keep their hosting going for ages now.

    Pebble is doing extremely well with sales in all of their departments, so you can not just assume that they'll eventually go downhill, because with how new Pebble is, it can only go up with time.

    also bebosny you were a shit owner on mcm ;)
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  12. At no point in my posts was I trashing pebble (or any other specific host for that matter). I even clearly said at the start of my initial post that I wasn't trying to take shots at pebble.I think you're also missing the huge "I" factor in my posts. Everything I said was purely my opinion and how I look at certain hosts.

    As for making a quick buck, that doesn't make any sense whatsoever. Just because I'm posting here and have my host in my signature I'm being extremely shitty? I'd honestly agree if I was shitposting but I'm having a meaningful discussion (which others have peacefully participated in btw) which seems to have offended you for some reason. Threads are made to be responded to, right? Review threads are useful and I think it's ok to have a discussion in them, even if it's not directly related to the company being stated in the review. :rolleyes:
  13. Uhm....But It is something strange here :D Why are you selling minecraft at 1 $/GB and all of your dedicated servers are more expensive than 1,2 $/GB even that 128 GB dedi, this means you are overselling a lot to make profit ? https://pebblehost.com/dedicated.html#
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  14. Feel free to check out our Node Monitoring page which clearly shows us not overselling our nodes; https://pebblehost.com/monitor1hour.html

    The Dedicated servers are more than $1/GB as they have more accessibility, You can't install Multicraft or reallocate the RAM yourself on Shared Hosting, of which you can do with a Dedicated server.
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  15. The dedicated server offers they have don't really represent the prices they pay for their services..
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  16. Yeah I know how this works....you could still oversell a lot because most of the server owners don't have players online...or they just have 2-3 players. And they buy 3 GB for example, when they just use 800 mb 99% of time (I refer to most of them).
  17. Here's the thing, "Could", Lets be perfectly honest any host "Could" be doing that, What tells you that Anvil or Bisect doesn't do that? Their higher price? Thats nothing but like buying an Apple phone

    You can see off our node stats that our performance is perfectly fine across our nodes, If we we're overselling You would be able to notice by either the CPU or RAM Usage being too high.

    You're speculating about things which any host "Could" be doing, You'll Just never know, At least we show our stats publicly so you can see before buying how our nodes are running.
  18. At their prices they could do this or not, but at your prices you 100% do this.
  19. Example calculation - A 256GB RAM dedi in Germany is approx. 125€ => 0.488€ per GB => 0.58$ per GB. When 150 servers are running on the node, they have covered their monthly costs (excluding WHMCS, agents, live chat software and Multicraft) for the server without them overselling and remember - They still have 70GB RAM left.
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  20. Did you get dropped on your head?
    Theres node monitoring, which means you can notice when they oversell or theres an issue. Stop being a little snobby cunt thinking you know shit when you've been on this website 4 months and no one knows you.

    Sure they "could" oversell, but thats not the issue at this moment when I'm writing this post.
    Posts like these express my opinion for the moment, it could change at any sudden moment.
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