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  1. They are not hosting in Germany lol, and a 256 GB dedi is at least 150 euro with decent processor and enough ssd...And I don't think it is very healthy to have 150 servers on just 10 cores.... (I think you refer at the last contabo dedi).
    With whmcs and multicraft and some aditional ips that would be aditional 90-100 euro, so until now 240-250 euro for that dedi. With paypal fees that is like 260 euro, so if you sell with 1 euro per GB you will be at loss without overselling lol.
    I don't hate overselling when are enough resources for the server.
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  2. Tell me what experience you have working for or owning a host, and maybe I'll consider your statements legitimate.
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  3. I own a hosting company in my country....
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  4. I don't know why people keep complaining about overselling.. let's be honest here, 70% of hosts oversell within fair boundaries. Why? Because most servers don't even use 50% of there ram. So the server would be running at 50% all the time (and less than 5% of the cpu per server). It will never happen that all servers run at 100%, so would you blame them for overlocating a few GB to fill up the node and increasing profit margins and lower prices? Even Mcprohosting overlocate there servers and they sell at $10/GB.
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  5. Then again MCPH is shit. Even their MCPE servers and crap.
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  6. It was just an example, almost all hosts oversell there servers to a fair margin which shouldn't effect performance.
  7. As before we can quite clearly prove our nodes are running perfectly fine without issues, If we were overselling it would be clear on the graphs.

    May I also add that we use 64GB Nodes, Not 256Gb :)
  8. Legoman99573


    Name of the host?

    I use to work for shulkerhost and dedis don't come cheap. The low prices are there so that people can use the service plus be in budget range and help the company pay for dedis and bandwidth usage. Believe me, @BeAlone knows what he is doing. I've talked to him in discord and they don't plan on dying anytime soon.
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  9. [​IMG]
    Say we sell 1$/GB.
    139€ = 165$
    Say we sell an average of 2GB per server.
    That's approx 83 servers. E5-1650v3 is capable of at least 110 MC servers in assuming that the servers aren't huge, of which they would anyways get their own dedis or VPS's for.
    83 servers for keeping up. Let's look at WHMCS. They most likely won't go for more than the cheapest one in that case, which is 19$/mo.
    That's now 165$+19$=184$. A little under budget, indeed. IPs we won't refer to as a simple 2$/year domain would fix that using SRV. I do not know what fees PayPal add up, either, but say 10$, so that's 194$.
    97 servers at 194GB of ram. That's still 62GB of RAM left over, and still some nice CPU juice which could be used without bottlenecking it.

    1. You could sell for less than 1$/GB in this scenario.
    2. Contabo, which you were referring to, has their top server at 110€/mo. This is cheaper than Hetzner and just as good specs when it comes to Minecraft server renting. You could gain even more using that, assuming Contabo has fixed their issues with DDoS, or just funnel it through OVH..

    EDIT #2: OVH. You've heard of it. I'm also gonna go over one of their beastly servers with 2 Xeons and 512GB RAM at a stunning $673/mo.
    VAT will not be accounted for due to the fact that it changes per country in Europe, and American, Canadian or Australian OVH is better to use if you're not EU.
    It features higher end Xeons, and two of the bad boys if I may add, which each I'd estimate could easily hold 150 MC servers at 2GB/RAM each, which was also given to us in the 512GB DDR4 RAM.
    That's 300GB DDR4 RAM, which is really fast by the way at 2133MHz while most hosts you come over will most likely be DDR3 at around 1366MHz.
    Say it's 1$ per RAM like before. That's 300$ right there. This is not enough. Seen hosts with premium packages? It's simple. You up a bit of the price per GB of RAM, which is stays quite little, though.
    Here's Pebblehost's Premium package, due to being on a pebblehost thread, at 2$/GB.
    I'd estimate around 20%-30% of their hosted MC servers are premium package, simply due to that CPU speed, which is so handy in MC. Not the RAM. CPU speed.
    Then, let's do that on the example. 30% is 2$/GB. That's 90GB of RAM (not 100GB, as that'd be 33.33333....%), at 2$ per. Now it's up to 210$ for 1$/GB and lower clock speed and 180$ for 2$/GB. In total that's 490$ out of the required 673$ per month. What about some more? OVH's dedicated IPv4 price is 3$/IP one-time. Let's put a dedicated IP offer to all customers. I'd say as low as the premium package buys it, at 20%-30%, while the rest most likely work off of a single IP with ports and subdomains. I'd find 4$ for a dedicated IP per month to be okay as we already got a subdomain we could simply CNAME to.
    150 servers, of which 30% is a dedicated IP owner. That's a total of 45 customers. 45 * 4$ = 180$. First month could be a bit down but then on, it'll be okay as it's a one time payment for the actual IPs from OVH. That's then 490$+180$ at 670$. 3$ off and 19$ for WHMCS. Now it's up to the support and such to add e.g. plugin management which (surprisingly) a lot buys, or simply priority. This is up to the server, but getting 3$ here and there shouldn't be that hard, and take note, the higher amount of RAM bought per of these servers would make it easier to keep up with the price, and I would not go against beliefs about keeping up again after 3 months of operation, and then on profit instead of expenses in the totals.
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  10. I hate it when people post things just to sale junk servers.
    This is what I got trying them.
    Premium Support
    Site says nothing about SQL server: sent inquire. : What else are they not telling?
    PebbleHost provides fast response in 24/7/365 support always attentive to any incident, we are here to help. : 6 Hr response time.
    Instant setup : We can rule that out.
    24 Hours Money Back Guarantee : My Email I got says my account will be set up in 24hrs.: So we can rule that out.
    Server: Says Unlimited HDD Space: when purchased email says different : 51200mb Storage : Humm False advertising.
    11hrs later: Everything on the control panel says Account active, but will not let me log in.
    Tried to Log on through the game says: Can't connect to server. : So nothing is working.
    7 Flags in less than 24hrs. : Closed Account Not Recommended.
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  11. Hello,

    Sorry about the frustration you've had when purchasing from us,

    Sorry to hear about this, Would you be able to tell me which method of support you used when waiting this long, Currently I see 1 ticket with a 2 minute reply time.

    You received an email about the free dedicated IP that came with your server, Just informing you that it could be up to 24 hours before its assigned to your server, This is because we have to do them manually although I do recall yours took around 2 hours before it was assigned.

    Again, Because of the panel we use, we have to set a soft limit for storage space, currently that is 50GB although it can be upped for free at any time with just a support ticket.

    I've Just checked now, Your account that has been emailed to you does work, You login details are in an email titled "New Product Information"

    Your server requires you to start the server up before being able to Join.

    Hopefully I've cleared some things up with this reply, If you need to discuss anything feel free to open a ticket or you can PM me on discord Dann#0010
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  12. Nice review! I hope to see more people reviewing like this in the future.
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  13. As of this date Still waiting for refund., And Still No Email Reply's.- Shame List.
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  14. I've already opened a ticket with you, Its been over 48 hours so its been automatically closed.
    Please note you haven't even bothered to reply to the ticket which I've opened with you about your issues.
    I haven't had any emails to our support email at all either.

    On top of that, You haven't even notified us that you're requesting a refund.

    I've replied to your ticket (again) please login to your billing panel and take a look at the ticket.
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  15. As of this date Still waiting for refund., And Still No Email Reply's.- Shame List.
    5 email from me . 1 From PayPal. 3 From Your Auto Support Response
    It's not the money it's the point people are tired of getting screwed from fake business practices.
    I.am retired so I have all my life to hound you. And It's just starting..so refund my $10.00 and act like a company should.
  16. So you chargeback smh? As I've said before reply to the dam ticket, We've had no emails from you at all, You haven't even logged into your billing panel.

    I've replied back to your ticket please respond so we can sort things out.
  17. As far as I'm concerned Pebble has done everything to their extent as a company to contact you and sort things out. You lack the ability to reply to a ticket so their system closed it after being inactive for 48 hours and you complain they aren't acting like a company should. kek
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    Gets the server. Does a chargeback. Says he contacted you 50 times. Then we have no emails from him. Can you just stop @woodenaxe_net
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  19. FYI Aquatis did return the funds, Dan Jackson has not, but sense they are in the UK it explains a lot. so yea Im letting him keep the $10.00 as a Charity gift to him. I have close the file on this.
  20. Relinquished


    I once trashed pebblehost unfairly, so I'm gonna chime and in leave this here:

    Their Node monitoring system speaks volumes about what kind of company they are. Bad companies don't make that sort of info public.

    Their owners seem to have taken some of my criticism from the last time I mentioned them (and they handled it well then too). That's a good sign.

    Their owners also seem to be pretty active. Most hosts fail within the first few months, yet here they are.

    They seem to have good reviews on here and McM. I trust reviews from community members enough to say that also is a good sign.

    All in all, they seem to be at the very least a decent hosting company. I have no experience from them nor would I personally go with them at this time, but I think they deserve to be treated as a legitimate option. They clearly are an actual host that's trying to do, and appear to be doing things right. They should be treated as such.
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