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  1. Hello!

    I am wondering if there is a plugin which changes the server motd when the server is full.

    Example: Full:
    The server is full / Premium Join only.

    Example: Open:
    You can join this server.

    If possible it should be free...
    Thank you very much.
  2. That's a pretty good Idea, don't imagine it would be too hard to do.
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  3. I don't know if said plugin exists but would be extremely easy to develop and shouldn't take more then ten minutes.
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  4. Hey! I'm new to bukkit but i'm sure i could make one. PM me if interested, i already have it in mind on how to do it.
  5. For now, I'd recommend just using an MOTD type plugin, and change it to what you wish it to be.
  6. If you are running or are planning to run a proxy-like system such as Bungee (well it is a proxy) you can configure it so that in a gui it will tell you if the server only has premium slots open with quite a bit of plugins.
  7. To be honest you can probably find a plugin out there already where you can do something like that because I have seen servers with that feature.
  8. There is just one thing: they don't change motd automaticly for full servers. Mostly they have features like changing motd when you are banned or the server is in restricted mode.

    The problem is, I am a newby (= Noob) at BungeeCord. I would use this plugin to change to motd of specific server, so you could see it in the lobby because of the Plugin "FancySigns".
  9. Very good idea ! A Developer made the Plugin?
  10. Yes, @alessio2010 made one for me :)
  11. Ok, there would be possibble to share it?
  12. Ok, if you do not give me one: 3 x) (I laugh)
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  13. I agree, it's up to skyless
  14. @SkylessCraft Thank you ! @alession2010 Could you format a configuration for the plugin? Please, take the accent
    Thank you very Much Skyless !
  15. I will start working on it ASAP
  16. I'd love to see if ServerListPlus supports this already, and if not, if we can suggest it to the author.
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