Spigot FullJoin 1.4

A simple plugin that when a server is full it will let who ever has the permission join.

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    FullJoin - A simple plugin that when a server is full it will let who ever has the permission join.

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  2. Doesn't Bukkit have this stock?
    I think Essentials also has it?

    Also, can't forget the endless amount of other plugins that are exactly the same...


    So yeah, basically It's more pointless than a broken pencil.

    If you want to have a successful resource, It's best to add high configurability, such as changeable messages, which is a big one.
    (Useful for servers with different languages, which theres a lot of also very good to change them to suit your servers colour theme)

    I'd also recommend taking a look around for similar resources and trying to implement unique or different features. Also combining features of multiple plugins into your plugin is another way to make an attractive resource.
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    There's nothing wrong with him doing it at all, 3 downloads - 3 people it helped.

    He also might be new to plugin developing meaning he just wants to try some plugins. Also; All those are on bukkit, a lot prefer to check spigot first ;)
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  4. I'm sure theres plenty more on Spigot too. Plus as i said, It's included in Essentials and probably many more plugins.
    Anyway, It's constructive criticism, As you can see I was putting some ideas on how to have a very successful resource ;)

    I have also put it in my signature, for anyone that wants to make awesome resources even better!

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    I have added a a config now!
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    Yes but I had no idea how to do it I had to look for some forums and videos
  10. Assuming you are doing it like this.
    Code (Text):
    ChatColor.translateAlternateColorCodes('&', getPlugin().getConfig().getString("Something.Example"));
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    Yes but more like this
    Code (Text):
    p.sendMessage(ChatColor.translateAlternateColorCodes('&', getConfig().getString("SetGlobalClearMessage")));
  12. Well yea. You need to send it to the player :p
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  14. Glad to see your still working on it :)
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    Do you know how I would put an image on a post?
  17. Yes just screenshot, upload to imgur.com and then put the direct link in these tags, [img.]link-here[/img.]
    Remove the dots though, i did that so Spigot doesn't think I'm trying to put an image in this post :p
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    Ok thanks but now I guess you can drag the image now that is what i did thanks any way and i am the server you are staff on :D
  19. Lol staff on Wong.
    But yeah, you can drag the image in but in my opinion it seems to be handled better when you use an external image hosting site.