Fun Minecraft-related Java project ideas?

Discussion in 'Programming' started by BadBoy6767, Dec 23, 2016.

  1. I have 4+ years of Java experience and would like to do something for Minecraft (for fun, too).
    Any ideas?
  2. Make a minigame plugin! That should keep you busy for a while! ;)
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  3. Minecraft Forge mod creator? Might even want to learn something new for the GUI because the possibilities you have in Java are pretty weak (how about an HTML/CSS/JS user interface, and Java behind it to do the actual work?)

    That will teach you about user interface design (especially in regards to simplicity), Minecraft Forge, Java dev tools (since you'll have to use Gradle to compile the code you generated into a runnable Forge mod) and a lot more.
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  4. That's actually.. a very interesting idea. I'll try that!
  5. @StillNoNumber
    It supports css skinning too and is a lot more modern than Swing (animations and other stuff)

    Apart from that, IntelliJ IDEA and Eclipse are written in Java (and they look quite nice), but I do not know what they utilize as a displaying toolkit.
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  6. Hmm, yeah, that looks pretty clean, actually. Might really be worth a thought. I for myself am still a fan of web design in downloadable software but that's just personal preference probably.

    Not quite certain about IntelliJ, but no one can tell me that Eclipse looks nice. xD
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  7. I personally prefer Swing for smaller applications, pretty simple to use and can end up looking pretty nice. JavaFX for larger ones.

    The light or normal Eclipse theme in my opinion looks horrific, like some application from the newer times of the internet or something :p. However the dark theme looks pretty clean.