Spigot FurnaceLevels 1.3

Furnaces will go faster up to level 5!

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    FurnaceLevels - Add furnace levels

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  2. Not at the moment. I only just uploaded the plugin :b
  3. I don't mean to kill the mood or anything. there is another plugin like this.

    I worked with her/him before. But what they lack is Creativity and Customization.

    What i like to see inside a plugin is It being Balanced with Minecraft so you can mine and use a furnace without having to look at a Wiki and a player can learn on their own. I can pm you idea's if you would like. I will also be testing this.
  4. Her/him? I haven't worked with other developers.
    Not sure what you mean by this.
    Sure. I'm always open to suggestions.
  5. After Testing/Playing Around:
    I noticed a Few issues and things, plugin is great so far.
    1: A Lang.yml File? this is so you can customize the Name and lore of upgrading
    2: You can't use hoppers to Transfer Items. (Shift+Right Click)
    This is an issue because you can use hoppers to transfer coal and other things, but because of shift and rightclicking
    you cant add hoppers behind the furnace.
    3:Everything else seems good the load time of the gui is fast.
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  6. I'll work on adding 1 and 2 tomorrow. Instead of detecting just whether the player is sneaking or not, I'll also check that their hand is empty to allow placing blocks against the furnaces.
  7. Great. xD but since it took my time to get a quick picture Here
    so if the bottom chest was switched With furnace (i couldn't shift+click on furnace).
    the Chest in the back would Drop Fuel and the chest at the top drops the items that are getting Smelted There is usualy another chest at the bottom to send the items after they are done smelting. Let me get a picture Image Below)
    i had to use Wand for this. So this is how it would look like (image above).

    also yea i will send the ideas as a Personal Message(tomorrow).
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  8. Note: Config updates may happen over time. Until I implement a better method of configuration updating, the best way would be moving your config file out of the folder and letting the new plugin version generate an up-to-date copy. You can then update your values again manually.
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    Permissions! Blocked items! Burns?!

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  10. Ever plan on adding support for 1.8?
  11. I can promise looking into it but not necessarily implementing it. 1.8 is a rather old version, and I'd likely be working to keep the plugin updated for versions to come.
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    Permission defaults improved and no permission message

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  13. Can u fix this, reason for this error is furnaces which are placed before plugin got installed on server.

    Make it that plugin check used furnace if is in the furnaces.yml, if is not then should save new location :)

    Awesome plugin btw... My players asked for something like this for ages :D
  14. This fix is on its way in the next update. Thanks for the feedback, and remember to leave a good rating if you enjoyed it! :)