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  2. The source code for my Bungee Staff Chat resource:
    can be found here:

    Read it and learn :p. Ask if you have any questions. Or, alternatively, just use my plugin.

    EDIT: Just to be clear, this is a bungeecord plugin to put on your bungeecord server.
    It's much easier to do it this way rather than making a bukkit plugin which interacts with bungee using plugin messaging channels or something like that. This is easier.

    EDIT 2:
  "StaffChat By PepsiYourCoke & Joemagic Enabling");
    Just out of interest is that Joemagic from McAmusement?
  3. 1. There's a bungeecord plugin tutorial on this very website, you didn't even try to look around
    2. Most of your code is useless or wont work properly, I would learn some more java
  4. Just because it is simple doesn't make it useless... He may just be learning the API thus he doesn't know all the methods.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.