GAListener and Votifier acting up

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Is everything right and its just not working for some crazy reason? Or am i just... uh... Stupid

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  1. Everything seems to be fine... stupid plugins -.-

  2. Your Stupid! How could you even miss that!

  1. I own a 6GB OP Prison server and i am fairly good with plugins, however, it seems that i cannot figure out this problem. I have downloaded and installed GAListener and Votifier on my prison server and im having trouble setting it up. I set up one voting link on PlanetMinecraft and you can go there and vote just fine...but after you vote, where are the rewards? When you vote on my server, no announcements (broadcasts) are made and rewards are not given out. I have the Votifier config listener section exactly like "listener_folder: plugins/GAListener" Should i have it as "listener_folder: plugins/Votifier/listeners" or do i already have it correct and something in the config is messed up. Please help and here is the GAListener config below.

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  2. Btw, i use PermissionsEx so is there a permission that i have to add to all players? If so then i would love to know it. One last thing, I use that default port for Votifier but i have a server host and PlanetMinecraft allowed me to use the default port so... idk if that should be changed or not. I aslo have VotifierScripts so should i get rid of that? Or change something in it?

    My Server IP is
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  3. Ive looked at it myself and cant see anything wrong
  4. Show me a picture of your Votifier folder, not the config.
  5. Votifier2.png

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  6. And thats the GAListener config at the top, not the votifier config.
  7. Can you send me the inside of the Votifier folder?
  8. The votifier config? It just has the default port and for listeners it has listener_folder: plugins/GAListener
  9. I've tried listener_folder: plugins/Votifier/listeners but that didnt work either
  10. Show me the image of the listener folder
  11. GAListener.jar is in there, it used to be nothing in there. Should i put GAListener in the whole thing? or for the listener in the votifier config just put listener_folder: plugins/GAListener?
  12. If I recall correctly the default port on votifier is 8192. If you are on a shared host that chances are that port 8192 is being used by another server. To fix this contact your host and ask them what ports are open for you to use with votifier and then change the port in the config to a number in the range they specify. Hope this helps!
  13. Galistener shouldnt be in there. Put it as a normal plugin.
  14. Thank you for your reply, i tried multiple ports and testing the connection on planetminecraft with the ports, but they seem to not work, only default works.
  15. GAListener shouldnt be in there? Ok, what normal plugin should be then?
  16. GAListener should be in the /plugins folder. The port, you will need to guess and check which ones are availble. Thats all i can tell you.
  17. Ive guessed countless ports but the only one that seems to work is the default one. I've tried doing listener_folder: plugins/GAListener and listener_folder: plugins/Votifier/listeners in the votifier config but nothing seems to work.
  18. There are more ports, trust me you gotta find it =/
  19. Hmm.... ok.. i guess i will try more
  20. Well should it be listener_folder: plugins/GAListener or listener_folder: plugins/Votifier/listeners in the votifier config