GAListener Problems

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  1. Hello. So i have setup voting and all that with the ga listener and when i send the test votes and all that it says it works but when we send fake votes or vote i get this error
    17.06 10:54:19 [Server] INFO [GAListener] Vote received on for Player: loadeddiper 17.06 10:54:19 [Server] ERROR [GAListener] Default service not found, check your config!
    and the vote wont work...

    I checked the config and it all looks fine so im not sure

  2. I have this issue with MinecraftMP -- So if you find a fix on how to get the correct service name, let me know! :) It'd be greatly appreciated.
  3. What version of GAListener are you using?
  4. idk the latest
    it was working a month ago
  5. Please help XD
  6. You want our help, but your not giving us the information we need to help you. Try changing the "Default" to "default" in your config.
  7. What do i need to show you so you could help a bit more?
  8. @loadeddiper

    Use the d instead of the D of Default, i tried it on my Server, and it gives me the Same error.

    So change the D of Default to d (default)


    Code (Text):
        broadcast: '&c{username} &9has voted and received &c$500!, 32 Exp Bottles, 6 TNT, 32 Obsidian, 2 MCMMO Credits and 1 vote key!'
        playermessage: '&9Thanks for voting!'
        - '/eco give {username} 500'
        - '/give {username} tnt 6'
        - '/give {username} obsidian 32'
        - '/crate gk {username} Vote 1'
        - '/addcredits {username} 2'
        - '/give {username} 384 32'
  9. Ok thanks also im using this version
  10. Ok, it doesn't matter what version you use, every version works ;)

  11. Ye the lower case D Worked thanks

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  12. No problem ;)

    Thanks for saying it works xD :D
  13. I have the same problem with GAListener but this Thread is really helpful thanks!
  14. :D
  15. Haha :)