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  1. I keep having an issue trying to set this up, any time i vote it says this.
    17.05 13:56:10 [Server] INFO [13:56:10 ERROR]: [GAListener] Default service not found, check your config!
    17.05 13:56:10 [Server] INFO [13:56:10 INFO]: [GAListener] Vote received on MC-Index for Player: FlashyOG
    GALConfig ----
    broadcast: '{GREEN}{username} {GOLD}has received{GREEN} $2,000,{YELLOW} 150 EXP, {GOLD}and{YELLOW} 5 mcMMO. {GOLD}You can to, do {GREEN}{BOLD}/vote!'
    playermessage: '{GOLD}Thanks for voting at you can vote daily!'
    - '/eco give {username} 2000'
    - '/xp give {username} 150'
    - '/addcredits {username} 5''
  2. Pretty clear whats wrong. You use ' instead of "
  3. Fixed that, problem is still occurring.
  4. Please repaste it while making it into a code so I can view that the formatting is correct.
    (Like this)

    Code (Text):

        broadcast: "{GREEN}{username} {GOLD}has voted @ {GREEN}{service} {GOLD}and received {GREEN}5 Diamonds!"
        playermessage: "{GREEN}Thanks for voting at {AQUA}{service}!"
        - "/give {username} 264 5"
  5. Wait, everything is supposed to be " instead of ' ?
  6. yes.
  7. Debug it, make a backup of the config, then delete the config and load the server. After that load each section one by one until you get the error, then you know which part is incorrect.