Spigot [GAME] fishSlap LITE 1.0

Slaps with your fish to the other player and pull his into the void.

  1. Thanks :)
  2. Can i suggest something that I would love as a plugin?
  3. What?
  4. I would like a plugin that creates shops for other minigames. Like simple_kitpvp. It would be handy. I also would like a plugin that sorts inventories. So my kitpvp world would have different inventory that hub world
  5. Execute commands after win?
  6. I want a emerald that opens a shop to the kitpvp plugin
  7. Commands after win, example: The kit pvp plugin have the command /givemoney for add money to a player, after win, execute /givemoney for the player that wins the arena, and the player recive the money for bought in the kit pvp plugin