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  1. Hi
    ** I hope this title is on right place.

    I have a gaming idea I will share it maybe someone codes :)
    game name diamond wars, on this game players will have teams they can be 1 vs 1 or team vs team both works
    on the arena diamond blocks will be placed randomly every xx second
    every time random blocks comes players or teams will break and collect them
    most of the diamonds breakers will win
    easy and fun concept I hope someone codes..
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  2. Cool concept! But if you want a developer to code it for you (hiring). You should be on the S&R forums.
  3. That's a really cool idea.
  4. @Svenna I'm just giving my idea away
    think as a open source idea

    make it, share it, sell it. I dont care :)

    I give permission for everything :)
  5. Ah, that way. You ended with 'I hope someone could make it' so I thought you want to hire someone. But it's just as an idea.
  6. Maybe going to make it. Give me 1 month ( Have a lot of to do for exams :( )
  7. MiniDigger


    idk how much expirience you have but this should not take more then a hour in the worst case ^^
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  8. I need to upgrade my minigames API.
  9. MiniDigger


    even without a api. two lists with players, disable some events for them (eg pvp?, non dia block breaking), count dia block breaks, spawn random blocks in a area, some commands, some scoreboard, some config done
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  10. I want to do it like a full minigame plugin. Also, I said about exams before
  11. Why are exams good? So schools get good reputation and more money? Lol
  12. Wait what? Why are exams good, is that really a question?
  13. I can create a multi-arena system without any game-code with configs and scoreboards within 2 days, with info signs and click to join signs for those arenas, it's not too too hard to make mini-games like this but the only semi-difficult thing would be creating an area for the dia blocks to spawn and a spawn location for both teams as well as a hub spawn for everyone to spawn in before the game starts. The random creation of diamond blocks would be easy as well as the event modifying. (not saying it would be 100% perfect or 100% efficient code but the base code for the plugin would be pretty easy, not saying I'm the best coder by any means this plugin would just be not the hardest to create)
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    why is that difficult? store the two corners of the area and you are done spawn locations for hub and spawns in the area should not be a problem too. Make a command to set them and save them to a config.~5min
  15. I've never worked with square/rect areas before but I guess you're right it wouldn't be that hard. This minigame might take about 2 days to make for a decent dev.
  16. An hour is maybe a bit too low. maybe the coding itself , but with correct testing alone you need multiple accounts, etc... Plus maybe a good solution/system to safely join/leave the game.
  17. That's easy plus I have 4 alts, I don't see the issue here, and it wouldn't take an hour, maybe like 8-10 hours to create the base code then another 2 to test everything then 1 more to bug fix so lets round to 13 hours, then I'd code the location -> location parser for the area and that might take 20 minutes to get all the calculations correct, then picking a random location from that would be easy since you'd save all the locations in a List<Location> so it wouldn't be too hard, creating your own WE wand would be easy from the beginning, just create an advanced playertype and save it in a <UUID, PlayerType> method. Listing out everything you would need to do would maybe make it around 14 hours 30 mins to finish the base code (first draft) then you get multiple people to play it adding a spectator system and having the multiple people tell you how they like it, let's round all of that to 20 hours. So 20 hours to make the plugin approx. in my eyes.
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    well, my test servers are in offline mode and I always have multiple mc clients open. No need for alt accounts.
  19. conding by me, calm down .-.
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  20. Don't necro threads...