Gamemode 0 after world teleport

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  1. Hey, I'm german and because I couldn't find an answer on a german forum, I thought this would be the best forum to search for help. I try it to explain it as best as I can :D Everytime, when I change to another world, for example, I'm teleporting from spawn world to my farmworld, my gamemode resets to 0 (i'm op and.. creative). It's not with every teleport, only, if it is to another world. Why do I get this so suddenly? I have this problem since one or two weeks. Shouldn't there be a log, where is written, what plugins are doing, after I typed a command? It's not in the server.log Here is a list of my plugins. I'm using spigot #1091 for 1.6.2. Thanks!
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    I'm guessing you're using multiverse?

    Add mv.bypass.gamemode.* to your permissions group/user (Or the equivalent of a wildcard in your setup.)
  3. Yes, I do. But I'm OP and have the '*' permission :/
  4. ~push~ any other ideas?
  5. op doesnt instinctly mean you get all perms. IIRC with this feature of MV it doesnt auto do it for op as it caused me so much pain.