Gamemodes or minigames plugins

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by Charlie_Craft22, Aug 3, 2018.

  1. I didn't specified very well on the title so I'll explain, I'm making a server with an "arcade" style so I got a tokens plugin and a portals plugin to teleport players to other worlds instead of create an ugly single world, everything was perfect BUT I realized that I forgot about the most important thing:

    Minigames (bedwars, skywars...)

    I need some to make the arcade (it would be great if they're free)
  2. No one, and I mean NO ONE is going to make you a FULL Arcade for free. If they did they would be out of their mind stupid or a brand new dev looking for experience which is not something you want on an arcade. You're going to have to pay to run a decent server. Chances are you're already paying for a host so you clearly have money. There are some arcade plugins on Spigot/MC-Market but those have pre made games and cost $20+.
    TL;DR: You're not going to get this for free.
  3. Like the post above, you're going to need a budget to get this done well
  4. I know, but I was talking about 1 or 2 separated minigames I saw one called bedwars reloaded but the proyect seems to be abandoned...
    P.D. Paid plugins would work too
  5. Those are not minigames, those are full on gamemodes. There are many plugins on Spigot that do that ranging from $10 to $20. Use the search button.