Spigot GameRanks | BEST RANK UP/DOWN PLUGIN (1.7.10 - 1.10.X) 1.1.1-SNAPSHOT

This plugin will allow users to gain permissions/etc based on the ranks they upgrade or downgrade.

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    GameRanks [Updated to 1.7.10-1.10] - This plugin will allow users to gain permissions/etc based on the ranks they upgrade or downgrade.

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  2. So I started using GameRanks for a new server I am creating. The problem I am seeing now is that when issuing the /ranks command the order of the ranks are NOT in the same order as they are listed in the rank.ml file. How do I go about fixing this?
  3. Could you PM the config and a screenshot of the ranks in /ranks? I can assist you further from there. :)
  4. attached is the ranks.yml (had to change the extensions to allow it to be uploaded)

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  5. screen shot of command /ranks results. I figured it might be easiest for you to handle this fix but if you need help let me know. As you have the source up on git-hub I could get the source and give it a look. (I am a senior software engineer with expertise in Java). Just let me know and thanks for the quick reply.

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  6. I've fixed the problem, I was using a HashMap instead of an ArrayList. Thank you for reporting the problem!

    Note: If anyone would like to report an issue, please do so by using GitHub and using the 'issues' section. It will allow me to manage them easier and faster. :)
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  7. great. that is what I thought it was. Again I would have fixed it myself but figured anyone else using the plugin would benefit from the fix. The only other thing I thought to possibly do with this plugin is maybe create a command which allows an admin to move a user directly to a high rank without having to step through all the previous ranks. Something like /rankto <rank> <username>
  8. Also having /ranks be pagable would help in our case
  9. I'll add those suggestions to the planned features. Also please rate your experience with the plugin when you can. :)
  10. Hello, I am using this plugin alongside PermissionsEX and I have happened to come across an inheritance bug.
    Commands that the player gets as they join a certain group/rank, stay in the permission.yml file in the PermissionsEX plugin folder. As you see, I have acces to kits Noob, Peasant and Villager even though I should only have access to /kit Villager.

    And no there is no kit under the Unranked group so I am not inheriting it from there. Please help
  11. I'm looking into the issue, can you make sure that you aren't editing the PermissionsEx configuration while the server is running?
  12. I am not editing the file at all
  13. Can you try stopping the server and making sure no permissions are present which shouldn't be? Maybe a permission wasn't removed by PermissionsEX for some reason.
  14. Nothing fixes it, no matter if I reload or stop the server. The permissions stay assignet under the user in the permissionsEX file.
  15. If the permissions are still in the configuration after the server closed down then it is a major issue with PermissionsEx, the permissions should be removed when a player either leaves the server or when the server shuts down. I'll look into this issue and follow up when I have come to a solution.
  16. So I have yet another question. I recently moved my server over to its permanent home. I zipped up the whole spigot file, copied it over, unzipped it and then started running it. What I am finding though is that now GameRanks is trying to start before my SaneEconomy plugin is enabled. As a result GameRanks fails because it doesn't find an economy. I have temporarily solved my problem by installing PluginManagerReloaded and then manually enabled GameRanks after the server has started. How do I make sure though that moving forward GameRanks is enabled AFTER my eceonomy is started? Again this doesn't occur on the system where I initially created the MC server. Is this because I installed SaneEconomy first and then GameRanks and on this new server the whole plugin directory came over at once?
  17. This is an issue with Vault and the economy plugins that aren't loading before Vault. It's something I can fix by adding additional soft dependency to the configuration, if you could please create an issue on the GitHub so I can resolve the issues in order. :)