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  1. Gameseer
    An Administration Panel That Kicks Ass
    Quick Info:
    Gameseer version 0.3 is about to be released. This means an official download link (and website) will be available shortly but are not quite ready yet. Until then, feel free to read the rest of this post for more information, or contribute in this thread.

    About Gameseer:
    For the past year or so I've been running my server without any form of panel (McMyAdmin, SpaceBukkit, etc). I've just been using screen and Putty. This has proven to be rather complicated, as I can't allow my staff to SSH into the server (security reasons) and on top of that, administration is a pain in the ass.

    As such, I have decided to create a a new administration panel, that doesn't completely suck. With the help of many people from the Spigot forums I have been building Gameseer for the past 3 months. So far I have implemented the following features:
    • Support for multiple MC servers
    • Task scheduler
    • A functioning anti-crash mechanism (no really, it works)
    • Email and Pushover alerts
    • Statistics and tracking utilities (monitoring play time, etc)
    • Cross-platform (Windows, Mac, Linux)
    • Realtime server console
    • Support for multiple database types (MySQL, SQLite, and Postgre)
    • Much, much more (still recording what I've added)
    and plan to implement the following features:
    • Support for Bungeecord
    • Realtime resource monitoring
    • Permissions editor
    • Configuration file editor
    • A very robust API with full documentation
    • Deep and verbose statistics
    • High efficiency to make installation seamless
    • Much, much more
    It is worth mentioning that Gameseer is very much a learning exercise for myself as much as it is a commercial product. It is my 2nd project in NodeJS and will likely grow to be the largest. Each and every day I find new ways to do things. In part from you guys, in part from taking the time to read documentation. In the event you happen to find a bug, or even something you do not like, please feel free to report it. Do not however attack me (or anyone else) with the force of a thousand suns. Let's keep things civil.

    How You Can Help:
    You can help Gameseer by doing a few things:
    1. Post your ideas here
    2. Comment on the ideas of others
    3. Test out the latest build of Gameseer and report bugs
    4. Donate to Gameseer so I can spend more time on it
    If you choose to donate, please understand that Gameseer is not a finished product and may take some time to reach a state where it is ready for production environments. If you are not comfortable investing money in something that will take time to be complete, please do not donate. Bug testing and idea contributing means just as much.

    That being said, if you are comfortable with waiting some time, feel free to donate. I use PayPal primarily but will accept other payment processors in the future (when the site is done). My PayPal address is [email protected]. Anyone who decides to donate more than $10 USD will receive one license key for the cloud edition of Gameseer. The cloud edition allows an infinite number of servers to be managed. You may not use the cloud edition if you are a hosting provider.
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  2. Remote desktop application so I don't have to keep my browser open? Permissions editor that doesn't wipe your premade permissions? .jar installer that can source directly from the software's build server?
    • FTP Server Built in
    • Easy User Management
    • Auto Update options (Be able to set a link where you want to grab your server jar from and it just wget's it and places it in the minecraft server folders)
    • Easy way of tweaking the start up script for all of your servers
    • Bootstrap based web design cause it looks clean and would work well on mobile too(imo)
    • https support on the webserver end of it
    • Perhaps a "fluid" resource manager (may help sell your panel to server hosting companies that offer "burst" ram)
    • Easy install procedure (PLEASE)
    • Being able to control servers on separate nodes (Having one panel on your "master" machine and have just the backend running on the other "slave" server so that one panel controls all)
    • Email on possible DDoS? (Possible?)
    • Bandwidth Monitoring?
    • Global Server operations (Shut down, restart all servers. Restart bungeecord with servers if bungee is detected)
    • Panel managed MySQL Databases (give the panel access to create and manage Mysql databases)
    • In built backup system with ability to specify folders and symlink compatible.
    That's pretty much all I can think about right now. Been using multicraft up till now and I like the panel because it allows my admins to manage the server without a big learning curve. However, it is missing features here and there like configurable backup paths, easy to configure autoupdates (I know you can do it, ive tried it and it breaks often on multicraft), and the easy to edit startup script. Would love to try out your panel when it releases if you can implement these features. Hope this helps :)
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  3. TitanicFreak


    • Multiple themes/Easy to edit CSS
    • An API allowing for outside program to use the panel (Use the Multicraft API at the moment)
    • GRE Tunneling for certain ip/ports (I have done it before, however its time consuming)
    • RamDisk creation for certain servers/worlds
    • Also if a DDoS attack is detected, move server to "ALT IP" by rebooting and transfering (If possible, got the idea from one thing from zoppp)
    • Auto-Updating Jar files on individual server reboot (Another add to zoppp 's idea)
    • Skype Account* (Look at * for better details)
    All i got for today, probably repeated some things. Now i know some of these things may be impossible in basically every possible way. Wish you luck mate! You are gonna need it.

    *A skype account that alerts a certain contact if the server goes down and for last possible log file or ddos attack.
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  4. An alt IP wont work unless you have 2 NIC's... The whole purpose of a DDoS is to flood the users pipe to the point it no longer becomes responsive.
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  5. joehot200


    Yep but if the host Null-routes IP 1 then IP 2 will still be accessible.
  6. No it wont because secondary ip addresses are normally just aliases routed through the main IP, if you get hit on any IP, it will null all connections to that NIC.
  7. SirSavary - Would it make sense to figure out a way to plug into mark2? Is that possible? A lot of the features you're looking for are already available within mark2. Would that make sense for your project?

    It'd be nice to have a web interface but be able to use mark2 directly. Maybe that's not what you're intending to do...

    Also, are you looking for help on the project. The web developer working with me is pretty experienced in NodeJS (as well as many other platforms). He might be interested in helping you out?
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  8. joshwenke

    Wiki Team

    I tried mark2 multiple times and got lost or didn't understand it or had to leave. If you can make something with easy setup that incorporates the features people talk about, I'd be willing to buy! If you need help with design or CSS I'd be happy to help.
  9. Hawx
    Remote desktop sounds interesting, will definitely look into it. Shouldn't be too hard to pull off.

    All of that sounds pretty good, will add it to my feature list.

    API can definitely happen, and the CSS will be easy to edit. I plan to use Twitter Bootstrap.

    Looked into this mark2 thing. Looks interesting, but I want to keep everything closed-source.
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  10. Oh built-in backup with tar snap would be great... More of interest to me and probably less to most people as well as GSPs.

    Close source but free? Or are you trying to enter the market as a multicraft/mcma competitor?
  11. Closed source with a free OPTION. Competitor to other panels. Free options would likely be limited to one server and X players, along with most of the nice features gutted. I don't plan to sell it for much and it would likely be a one time payment unless you were a server host.
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  12. TitanicFreak


    However, the "Normally" part there you have to consider, my servers routes each ip separately (Each has its own NIC), each independent then the others. Granted, its not the most efficient system but its works for what i use it with. Now its just two NIC's with one backend ip each and one protected ip aliased to the backend ip.

    EDIT: I need to think before i type!
  13. I think if it was open source compared to closed source, it would be my choice for a panel and I would use it for my servers. I like the idea though, lots of great ideas put forward earlier. Good luck!
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  14. If I were you, I would seriously consider open sourcing. There are so many advantages, a few being
    • Get help from other developers
    • Donations
    • Contribute to the community
    • Build a community
    • Get bug reports/fixes faster
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  15. As I said earlier, I agree with SeismicSquid. If you made it open source, and I know the language, I'd surely provide help. Also, you'd have other developers looking for security vulnerabilities, so they find them for you :p
  16. Great idea, will definitely consider adding this.

    As for those of you asking me to open source it, I will highly consider it. I'd like to make some money off of this project, simply because I hate freelancing 24/7, but I will consider it.
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  17. Update:
    Found a super easier way to create a remote desktop application to hook into Gameseer, so that's totally going to happen. I've also decided on the following Bootstrap template:
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  18. We could have a McMyAdmin killer on our hands.
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