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  1. I can provide some help if you answer the following:
    • What operating system are you on?
    • What browser are you using?
    • How did you install Gameseer?
    • Have you modified any settings?
    The production ready versions of Gameseer will take some time to complete. Remember, the difference betweeen the 'Cloud version' and the 'Standard version' is the number of servers you are allowed to create. It is called the cloud version because it allows support for Bungeecord and it's main purpose is to manage all servers under a bungeecord instance. I could have called it the 'Network version' but that didn't sound very good.

    Did you get any errors? The debian install worked fine for me, there might be some differences on Ubuntu.

    I forget, this was quite a while ago. Glad to see you're active though, I'll post on Github if I need any help. If I need a new feature of find any bugs I'll try and submit a PR, Java is where I first started coding :)
  2. Thank you @totokaka, see you soon!
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    Do you have any Plans on reducing the Requirements ?
  4. What operating system are you on? CentOS 6.5 x64 with the first error, and its slow (not able to load) on OSX 10.9.2
    What browser are you using? Google chrome & Safari
    How did you install Gameseer? Download it, cd to it, npm install, sh
    Have you modified any settings? Nope
  5. Yes, I will be pushing a new version shortly that will only require NodeJS. It will use SQLite as the default storage engine and as the default session cache. At some point I may try and package Gameseer using something like AppJS, node-webkit, or nexe.

    Is anything coming up in console?
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    Don't do that. Just a Tip
  7. this is on OSX when doing npm install
    Then when doing "node Main.js"
  8. Any specific reasons why?

    Thank you for the logs. NPM is failing to install dependencies which is why SQLite3 cannot be found. If Gameseer does not crash when it throws the error about SQLite, that is why the page seems to load for an infinite amount of time.
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    It would be a Desktop "Application". All of that Solutions simulate a Browser (mostly Webkit engine) in a native Window. This is a.) slow, b.) its not webbased anymore, c.) unsecure (since you need to transfer the database stream over the network), d.) not multiuser, e.) very limited in OS (nexe is windows, node-webkit depends on Chrome, and AppJS compiles Webkit itself [which fails on Mac OS]).

    So the plus about a Web based Panel is: Its webbased. You give out Users and you can access it from everywhere. Also if you go with Desktop Applications all Tablets and mobile Devices and maybe some Server panels will fall out.

    Also maybe you should not use SQLite. This also requires a compiled Binary which may fail to compile (Windows without VS 2008+, Mac OSX without gcc/g++, Linux without build essentials (make, gcc, autobuild)). I don't know what you need to store but maybe a Flatfile storage may be the best to start with. Or make it optional to use external Drivers (node-mysql, mongo, postgres, etc.). You can build a Install Wizard which may download the specific Driver needed (you can access npm as a normal Module for that).
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  10. I'm not really understanding why a database stream would need to be transferred over the network. There's server side code and client side code, completely separate. Also, all of the wrappers are fast provided you code things properly. There's even a few games made with node-webkit, look at Game Dev Tycoon for example. Nexe was the only wrapper that did exactly I what I wanted but it is not available on Windows right now. Shouldn't be too hard to work around that for the time being.

    As for the binary issue, last time I checked Nodejs included everything that is required to compile use node modules that are not written in pure JS. Also shouldn't be a problem. Flatfile storage is not an option as the performance hit will be fairly large and the amount of data that I would like to store would only make it worse.
  11. Update
    I've made quite a bit of progress since Saturday. Most components are now passing their unit tests and Gameseer version 0.4 will be ready for deployment sometime this week. Will keep everyone updated in this thread.
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    Does Gameseer require a web server set up on my dedicated?
  13. No, Gameseer runs it's own webserver.
  14. TL;DR
    This seems like a great idea. Having using SpaceBukkit (it was good when it actually worked) and McMyAdmin (only 5 players unless you pay). From my understanding you are releasing this free, but you are going to offer premium cloud hosting?

    Here are some suggestions (that may or may not have already been stated):
    1. It would be cool to have an API to hook into, both on the web and server side
    2. I know this has been mentioned, but an executable client would be nice
    3. Dynmap integration
    4. It would be cool to have some sort of online WorldEdit type thing (or maybe in the client)
    5. Some sort of mobile support
    6. Online to server chat
    7. Vault/ economy integration
    8. Console access
    9. Plugin installation
    10. Themes
    11. Extensions
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    Is this dead ?
  16. don't think so
  17. It's been less than a week since he posted a status update. I wouldn't assume it's dead ;)
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    Well he posted minimum once a day and the last Post was a suggestion one. So i don't know :D
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