Spigot GAppleCD - Create Cooldowns for Golden Apples! 1.5.3

Cooldown for Golden Apples, Unique for Each Golden Apple!

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    GAppleCD - Create Cooldowns for Golden Apples! - Create unique Cool-downs for your Golden Apples!

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  2. Please let me know what you all think :)
  3. 10 DL's no input? Not surprised I guess but xD
  4. I want to update this plugin? Would it be worth adding PlaceholderAPI support?
  5. add a command for reload the config file
  6. the cd don't work when you eat with the second hand... :( i tested in 1.11.2
  7. Hello,can you support golden carrot?
  8. Yes I can, I will add that when I can.

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