Spigot Garbage Collector 1.0.1

A background plugin that frees up server memory.

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    Garbage Collector - A background plugin that frees up memory, if possible.

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    Bug Fix & Debug Message

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  3. Great description!
    Its not like "with this everything runs better" but its more like it could help. Thanks for stating his.
    However it may be a good idea to also note that the garbage collectors have some startup flags which may make them and the explicit System.gc() (and therefore this plugin) to behave differently.
    Edit: Also real memory leaks in other plugins are not prevented by this plugin.
  4. Nice catch, I'll add that in.
  5. Pls do that. =D
  6. Do you think that you can Update this and add maybe a option to clean files and folders? If selectet in a Interval?