Spigot Gems To Tokens 1.2.1

Converts PrisonGems into TokenEnchant tokens.

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    Gems To Tokens - Converts PrisonGems into TokenEnchant tokens.

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    Config, /setrate, and more!

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  3. you should add an option to carry out this exchange automatically, so that players do not have to issue a command to exchange.
  4. @vk2gpz Thanks for the suggestion! Could you suggest a method of automatically executing something please?
  5. @vk2gpz What is the event that I would use?
  6. Is there any required plugins?
  7. If there is. Put it on the page. Needs more information :p
  8. to put in the plugin some extra's
  9. @CommunityNetwork Please tell me specifically what to add, or I will report your rating.
  10. That you can lucky change and more accounts: Gems-Tokens-Dollar etc.