Generate world between 2 locations only

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  1. So, the thing is, I am not really used to BlockPopulators, ChunkGenerators, etc. And I need a code snippet / plugin that only generates world inbetween 2 locations.

    Example: Let's suposse I have a UHCMeetup server and I only want to generate world between -75, 0, -75 to 75, 100, 75, how would you do it?
  2. Fast Async world edit will let you generate terrain within a worldedit selection.
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  3. In a plugin!
  4. Just limit where players can be in the world, it doesn't matter because only a few extra chunks will get generated
  5. I need what I say posted in the title
  6. Generate a world, and then make a wall/world border where you don't want players to go.
  7. You're in the wrong place for that. We dont spoonfeed code like this. You should ask in the services and recruitment subforum since this is a request for someone else to do the work for you.
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  8. Sorry, I didn't mean that. I am just asking if you guys know how to do this, and no, I don't need worldborders, just a world that only generates in 100x100;
  9. One way to do this is to make a void world and spawn in a random 100x100 chunk of land from an overworld.

    Think of it like copy and paste. Copying and pasting a random 100x100 chunk of land from the overworld to a void world.
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  10. Just do 'World.regenerateChunk(ChunkX, ChunkY)' I'm not going to tell you how to implement this though.
  11. Why not? Explaining how to do something is not spoonfeeding.
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  12. Not explaining how to do something when given a method is just as useless as spoonfeeding as no one is learning anything.
    (Maybe even worse because you can actually learn from spoonfed code)
  13. Make a new world, don't load it yet. Than get the chunks the locations are in, and get the chunks in between. Than load those chunks I guess?
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    just generate a new world and cancel chunk gen for every chunk out of your range?
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  15. That's what I ment, but shorter and more carefully explained :p
  16. I don't think you can cancel chunk generation.
  17. I don't know that much about world generation, but I do think it is possible somehow...
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    That's for your helpful contribution to this theead
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  19. Because maybe I was busy yesterday, but still wanted to help a little bit. So, ty for expecting the worst!
  20. I'm not sure what you mean, what was I expecting?