Generating an Entire World but only one type of Blocks

Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by Sacricx, Jan 8, 2020.

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  1. Hello folks,
    this is my first thread, and since I wasn't successful in finding a solution (maybe wrong keywords),
    I got the courage to ask you guys, if you may have an idea how to do this.

    Spigot 1.15.1 Server

    Multiverse 2

    The Idea: Generating an entire world with only LuckyBlocks.

    Is this possible in any way ? Sorry, when this is a thing, which is usually easy to do.

    any help is much appreciated :)

    best regards

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  2. May I ask for the LuckyBlock plugin's download page or wiki? As I try to search up that plugin on Google but am unable to find anything with that name.

    If the "lucky block" is a sponge, you probably will be able to do that.
  3. This may not work, as I see that the Lucky Block plugin is a special block given using /slb give, so it may not work.

    btw lol dont be too nervous to ask here, our responses are all voluntary.
  4. Thank you !

    1st: Let's say I want to generate an entire world out of dirt blocks only, how would I do this ?

    Maybe its possible to remove an existing block and giving the ID to lucky blocks, that the game handles it as normal block ? or maybe giving a normal block the abilities of a Lucky Block, then changing its texture.

    I mean right here I maybe go over the usual possibilities of the plugins I have added. And probably this was rather a thing of coding a new plugin being able to do this but idk.
    But it would be very sad, if there is absolutley no way to do this.
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  5. MCEdit, WorldEdit, and Multiverse can actually make your world fully dirt, but it would take some playing around:
    WorldEdit: There's not an actual command to do this because it would probably crash the server instantly, Multiverse has generators, but it's not a one block only thing.
    MCEdit, well, just load it and replace blocks or something.

    Giving a normal block the abilities of a Lucky Block, then changing the texture is the best way to do this, most Lucky Block plugins would just take sponges as a lucky block, but that would make every single sponge you have, lucky blocks.
  6. Ohh, well that is not too bad news tbh !

    Since MCEdit is advertised for version 1.12 max idk if I can do it with 1.15.1. I read in the forums something about API bridge, but I got not much experience with such. But it would be intresting if one would be able to add a custom block like a "Lucky Block" to the Ecosystem to make it like an original block of the game to use it to create an entire world out of customblocks !?

    If it was not asked too much, could you eventually tell me, how to give a normal block the abilities of a lucky block ? when the idea above would not be possible, I would have no problem when all sponges were luckyblocks.
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  7. All I know is some plugins make sponges lucky blocks, find it, because I'm not sure any are currently out for 1.15.1 yet since it's still quite a new version, but I have seen some for 1.8 though.
    Can't code one for you because I'm still an amateur at Spigot's API and basically Java too.
  8. Well IAmAGues, I want to say thank you alot for your time, that you cared for me and my idea in this case (y)

    I will go and use the worldborder plugin, then worldedit and going down to y5 //pos1 and then up to the surface a few chunks away //pos2 and replace all blocks.
    Step by step, creating the Lucky Block world manually.

    Alright, then, I hope this thread also will be a good information for others, if they had a similar idea or question.

    Maybe this thread can stay open for a bit longer, for the case someone is still intrested in this and want to say something to it.

    best regards,

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  9. Nah, you can keep it closed, it will still be available. It won't be archived or anything. It may just be moved to the back as there are no more replies.

    If you don't close it, I'm sure a mod will, someday. lol
    Good luck with your idea!
  10. [​IMG]

    There you go :D I did it with worldedit tho
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