1.13.2 Generating different types of terrain in procedural generation

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Development' started by ItsLars, Jan 16, 2020.

  1. Hello Spigot,

    So, lately I've been playing a bit with creating custom maps using procedural generation.
    I know how to create height maps, and how to use moisture and temperature to create biomes. However, I have encountered a problem, of which I couldn't find a good solution online.

    I'm very sure that there must be sources that cover this particular issue, so if you know if any of these sources, feel free to link them, that would also help me a lot!

    I'm trying to use different terain layouts for each biome. For example, a desert biome is relatively flat, whereas a mountain biome has, obviously, mountains. I have done this using a different noise generation seed and different settings for each biome. The problematic result in here is this:

    Now, of course I expected this result. It is pretty obvious that different noise seeds generate diffent terrain heights. So I started looking on internet for solutions, and I quickly found the principle of interpolation, where you smoothen out these cliffs.

    However, if I have a biome with a lot of high mountains, next to a relatively flat biome, even interpolation can't make it look realistic. The height difference is just too much.

    So my question is, a bit more general, what is the best way to create different types of terrain in procedural generation? And if my current approach is in the right direction, what should I do to make this look realistic?

    Thank you so much in advance, for your time and effort spent helping me!