Solved Generating structures using Perlin Noise algorithm

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Development' started by KohakuSaintCrown, May 19, 2016.

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  1. I have a question, how to generate a random structures using the perlin noise algorithm, the idea is with a comand "/generate x y z materialId" generate a simple structures with elevations but using the perlin noise algorithm.
    x = width
    y = lenght
    z = higth

    Any ideas?
  2. What do you mean by this? You want totally random structures, like how the terrain generator works? Virtually impossible.

    I suggest you just use the SimplexNoiseGenerator.getNoise(x,y,z) to seed a Random and use that Random to get a premade structure schematic.

    If you have no idea how to do this, you are not remotely prepared to make the sort of complex branching structures minecraft uses internally, like nether fortresses, stick to schematics. There are simple examples of how to read and build a .schematic or .mce file without needing WorldEdit or another library in your plugin.
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  3. The fuck are you talking about? You go on to make a broad statement about "totally" random structures, then compare it to the terrain engine (which isn't totally random, otherwise, worlds would be a mess). If contradicting yourself about this so called random idea isn't enough, you go on to say that it's near enough impossible, right after naming an implementation.
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  4. you're kidding right? do you really think he cares whether or not it's actually random?
  5. This has nothing to do with terrain generation. Did you even read the OP?
    I can see you have never worked with any sort of random generator, and are just cruising for stuff to bash.. Or do you have a better idea about how to make seeded random structures that are not complete disasters, instead of posting totally unrelated links?
  6. Noise (maps/etc) can be used for terrain generation and then the rest is premade structures (which can be handled using procedural generation if you cut them up)

    Structures themselves can't be based on noise, but at least read the rest of my point before making yourself look fucking retarded.
    Despite I've done game development (dx11) and map generation in the past, I know sweet fuck all. I understand your logic.

    That right there is a typical "I can't read the docs or other resources, therefore, I'm going to demand answers" stereotype. And, no, linking relevant info alongside plugins that have decent base for creating custom maps isn't unrelated at all.
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  7. All i am getting out of this is "extremely rude child", sorry.
  8. I see (and have seen) you have a lot experience with many things. That's great, but, why do you bring this in a "fuck you" way?
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  9. There was once a time where I'd show someone their incorrect statements and show them otherwise. When Shortninja66 has already mentioned one thing wrong with their statement when you've broken down everything wrong with what they said, all you get in return is him responding 'your an extremely rude child,' I have no patience for that crap anymore.
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  10. You did start it, then proceeded to be an arrogant, ignorant asshole and derail the entire topic. Practice what you preach.
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