Generator Help!!! Please

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  1. Okay, i so i want my players to have instant cobblestone generators on my skyblock server! i don't have clue on how to code JavaScript. Maybe someone can help and modify this plugin, it does instant generate butt some of the items go in the lava this is proof that it is possible

    Proof on another server:

    and here is my server but the items does not go up in the water!

    And this is the source code of my current plugin

    You just need to edit something to make it even more instant i believe. thank you for reading my thread, please reply. Thanks

    - Olzie
  2. yeah but is it instant? i have the right plugin i just need items to go up
  3. and that is me, i just posted in the wrong fourm
  4. Java and Javascript are not the same thing
  5. oh is it possible you can help me?
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  6. i use CustomOreGen and work good
  7. Have you solved your problem sir?