Solved Get a players rank name from pex and prefix on his overhead name?

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  1. My goal is to get something that would look like this
    I already have a scoreboard set up, but I want to know how to set up the prefix depending on the player rank (Using PermissionsEx) Also please note that I pretty much have no experience when it comes to scoreboards and objective stuff. My code looks like this so far, but it currently sets every player's prefix to the same, how can I set it per player?
    Code (Text):
        public void registerRanks() {
            if(s.getTeam("blue") != null) {
            Team t = s.registerNewTeam("blue");
            t.setPrefix(ChatColor.WHITE + "");
  2. Ok, I managed to get the prefix set, but it will give an error if its longer than 16 characters, which most of them are... Any way to solve?
  3. In my memory, PermissionsEx is easy to get more informations. You can look in github or in decompile plugin
  4. Wow this is insanely annoying! I made it working right, I imported some ranks to check for multiple accounts with different ranks, and now I cannot re-join even after total stop of server and mc clients, its saying "The recieved string length is longer than maximum allowed (21 > 16) - I have tried to remove the plugin totally and its still happening.
  5. I had the same problem, I have delete a server and create a new server
  6. Thank you that worked.
  7. Also do you have any way to bypass the 16 character limit? Because some of these ranks look preetty weird...
  8. I dont know a way, but i suggest a method:
    I bet anyone can now ,make a hologram withh invisible armor stands and setting a name to it....
    Make that, make for each player 1 and then set his name visiblity to null
    Then set the hologram name to prefix + name
    And make it ride the player
  9. Isn't posible because this limite is fixed by Spigot
  10. Team prefix/suffix
  11. I think there might be a Plugin i forgot though.