get enchant level broke

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  1. Hello
    I am trying to get the enchant level of an enchant of the player's item
    I tried `enchantment level of efficiency on player's tool` and it doesn't seem to work, it just broke on me after a while. I will not be updating Skript if that is what you are going to tell me to do (Skript 2.2 fixes v8)
    Ive downgraded for certain reasons and do not want to re-upgrade.
    It used to work on that same version but it gave up on me

    Code (Text):

    command /enchant:
        set {_n} to item amount of player's tool ## doesnt work anymore - would like to know why
        if {_n} is 1:
    command /enchantunbreaking2:
            if player's tool is a sword:
                if {tokens::%player's uuid%} >= 50:
                    set {_lvl} to "%enchant level of unbreaking of player's tool%" parsed as a number
                    add 50 to {_lvl}
                    if {_lvl} < 1001:
                        enchant player's tool with "unbreaking %{_lvl}%" parsed as enchantment type
  2. EWS


    Why are you converting a number to a string and then converting it to a number again?
    Code (Text):

    set {_lvl} to enchant level of unbreaking of player's tool
    And of course item amount does not work, it's from dev24.

    You should not use fixes v8. I've seen many people that downgrade because it "breaks their scripts". You should upgrade if you want new features and support.
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  3. If the only reason you have is you are having issues in the latest bensku for 1.8 then use dev-36 instead.
  4. It works on my other server with the exact same addons and same skript version (2.2 fixes 8), I don't understand.

    Even though I updated skript to 2.2-dev26f it still doesn't work.
  5. EWS already replied and gave you a potential fix..... and you never replied.
    Give his solution a try
  6. It didnt work that way upload_2019-5-17_21-41-8.png
  7. Could it be one of my addons? It works on my other server with the same plugins?
  8. Doesnt work
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  11. Thanks man very helpful
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