1.15.2 Get head from minecraft-heads.com

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  1. I've spend the past 2 hours just trying to get a custom head in my plugin. I tried to use the HeadDatabaseAPI, but that didn't work, and I'm now trying to use GameProfile, which also isn't working.

    I've added the 1.15.2 jar as a dependency in Intelliji by going to File --> Project Structure. I'm not getting any errors before trying to build the plugin, but once I actually do, I get this:

    Code (Text):
    Error:(3,26) java: package com.mojang.authlib does not exist
    Error:(4,37) java: package com.mojang.authlib.properties does not exist
    Why is this happening? Is there any other easier way to get a custom head from minecraft-heads.com? If you can do it so simply with a command block, why is it so much more complicated doing it here?
  2. If you have the plugin's API, it should be extremely easy to access the heads database, as I believe it returns a Skull of the head that you try to grab using the parameters in the methods.

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  3. I tried using that and was able to get it to compile, but it said it couldn’t find the head with the given ID. I didn’t have the API jar in my plugins folder, which I saw might be needed. I assumed it was because I didn’t have the actual plugin, which I can’t buy.
  4. Try get head from base64
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