Get if player is looking up or down

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  1. So with this code, we can get the direction of a player is looking, but we can't get if he looks up

    Code (Java):

        private String getDirection(Player player) {
            int degrees = (Math.round(player.getLocation().getYaw()) + 270) % 360;
            if (degrees <= 22) return "North";
            if (degrees <= 67) return "Northeast";
            if (degrees <= 112) return "East";
            if (degrees <= 157) return "Southeast";
            if (degrees <= 202) return "South";
            if (degrees <= 247) return "Southwest";
            if (degrees <= 292) return "West";
            if (degrees <= 337) return "Northwest";
            if (degrees <= 359) return "North";
            return null;
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    Very simple. If you press F3 in your Minecraft client to get the debug info, you can see your pitch and yaw. Here you're using yaw - that's 360 degrees on the horizontal axis, and you now need the vertical (so to speak, since this is 2D in a 3D environment). Check in your client what the center - looking straight forward - is. I'm fairly sure it's 0. So if it's more than 0 you're looking up, less than and you're looking down (possibly vice versa). Remember to double check this in the client's debug info.
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  3. I don't quite understand what I have to do (probably because I don't speak English)

    But when I look down I see 90 and up -90
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    So if it's more than 90 you're looking down, less than 90 and you're looking up. Kinda simple really.
  5. noooo. you had it right the first time. from the javadocs:
    • A pitch of 0 represents level forward facing.
    • A pitch of 90 represents downward facing, or negative y direction.
    • A pitch of -90 represents upward facing, or positive y direction.
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  6. You need to compare pitch to get the player's up and down position, yaw only measures side to side.