Get Mojang UUID in cracked server plugin.

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  1. Who haves the plugin that gets the Premium UUID from premium players? I switched from Premium to Cracked and all players loses the data.

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  2. Hate to tell you this guy but this game costs like 26 bucks flat price and the community that has spawned from it is very very thankful to what Mojang has done here and for giving the community something that no other company in the history of gaming has done. I for one am a pirate of almost anything created by the capitalist/corporate empires but I, like many pirates, support any enterprise that creates something outstanding or does something great for the people. Mojang has done both. I doubt very seriously you are gonna find any help with cracked servers of any kind in this forum or bukkits forum or any forum anywhere aside from maybe some shady back ally site, And then i would question the legitimacy of the help you are receiving there.

    My advice would be stop supporting pirated minecraft client and cracked accounts and help keep Minecraft moving in the right direction. If...and i doubt it ever will happen due to the loyalty of the community, If craked accounts and pirated software became a problem, Mojang would HAVE to respond to that and it would likely mean screwing all of us out of something.
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  3. Sorry but this is impossible. When you change your server to offline mode it stops checking with the Mojang servers. Each player is handed a random UUID.
  4. Couldn't have said it better. The only time I have ever messed with cracked accounts is if I need to log into my server as a new player, or for LAN parties when I have friends over without the game.
  5. For one, there is no such thing as cracked. Two, if you can't afford a minecraft account, you shouldn't really be here. Lastly, if you're doing it to get more players, you MIGHT be able to get your goal, but there is no way your server would look good or get enough donations to handle your player count.
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  6. I kind of disagree in a way, cracked servers... no such thing.... offline servers ... yes.... cracked clients yes.... This isnt to argue with you but when you start the client you HAVE to log into your mojang account or you are unable to start the game AND play online as the client checks with mojang before the game is even started so I would assume that there are "cracked" versions of the client, though ive never had the notion to go looking for one, that allow online game play without logging into a mojang account first. with all the HACKED clients out there im fairly certain this wouldnt be a difficult task to perform, personally i cant imagine why mojang would allow a server to be ran in offline mode aside from using proxies but they could easily do away with this loophole and get on board with spigot and other communities and code the servers to work in tandem with a proxy AND still remain secure at the same time.

    for instance

    replace offline = false

    with proxy = true

    i know there is more coding involved with it but im sure you get my point.
  7. This is true, however the cracked players serve to increase the traffic in a server, and to make grow the smallest server.
  8. Anyway if you still need it, i made a plugin that have an authenticator for mixed online mode, it means that premium players are authenticated with online mode(then premium UUIDs) and don't have to register.
  9. I'm not happy with what mojang has done, they should have stopped updating at 1.7
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  10. I also would have the temptation to put the premium server for not having a lot of problems, but I can not.
  11. Not to stare too far from the topic but why 1.8 was great and while i hate pvp in 1.9 it did add some nice things and 1.10 how can you argue with magma blocks.
  12. I always update all