Get Paid To Play Minecraft?

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  1. Hey guys! I just randomly had an idea of paying players to play on your server after thy donate for a certian rank. Obviously it would only be a few cents/hour, or it would defiantly be a loss. What do you all think about this idea?
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  2. ITs pretty good actually
  3. Cldfire

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    Uh... What? Did I just read that...

    A.) A few cents an hour is not going to be incentive for anyone

    B.) This makes no sense.
  4. So they pay you to get their money back?
  5. In a sense yes, but if you think about it. Its not about the money at first. Its about establishing a player base. People are addicted to money, whether it be a few cents a hour or not. A person plays on the server for 12 hours and earns $2.00. No its not a lot, but hopefully he puts that back into the community. I'm not looking to accomplish anything other than expansion. Just an idea i had, that's all.
  6. They could just AFK on your server all day and play somewhere else with another account.
  7. This can be easily fixed with a plugin. Also the plugin will be counting the amount of time that the player is on. I would imagine that it won't be by word of mouth(from your staff).
  8. Hmmmm it sounds kind of cool but what is the huge point of it? You may get a player base yeah but half of them will just be in it for the money. They won't take notice of what your server has too offer. You'd be better off saving your money and paying a YouTuber to advertise your server or advertise on voting sites.
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  9. Agreed on the plugin. AFK, is the least of my worries. To answer the, By word of mouth, no. I was thinking that just simple advertising whether it be youtube or forums/server lists people will be attracted to the idea of being paid to play.

    Yes, i agree with the second part of the statement. However, i believe that if i can bring enough to the table in the mechanics of the server, people will also play on the server for whats it is worth, with the money being a bonus.
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  10. With your current rate, 500 players = $1000/12hrs Good luck lol. Take @Puddanator's advice.
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  11. Yes, that is defiantly not going to work. I don't plan on having 500 players when this is taking place though. I just want to use this as more of a marketing scheme to attract attention. I feel as if this is a theory that i am just going to have to test and see the results.
  12. People can easily take advantage of this.
    1) Make a bot(this can be a hacked client to act like a player)
    2) Buy multiple VPS
    3) Use ALTS to login to your server
    4) Profit??
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  13. Yes, i see your points. I just need to do a bit more digging. Possibly even offer this as a part time marketing "Promotion," of sorts. Thank you for all the help!
  14. There's a lot of hacked-clients with ANTI-AFK and AUTO-WALK.
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