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    hey, im not sure how I can get a percentage of a string. ex:

    Code (Text):

    to get 50% of it, i would get only 'Hello' since 50% of 10 chars, would be 5 chars.

    i've tried this, but it doesn't really work:

    Code (Java):

    String x = "----------";
    double percentage = .5;
    x.substring(0, ((int) percentage * 10) - 1) + ChatColor.GRAY + x.substring(((int) percentage * 10) - 1)
  2. You can do
    Code (Text):
    x.substring(0, (x.length() + (x.length() % 2))/2)
    The (x.length() + (x.length() % 2)) stand for when the length is odd to add 1 the the length.
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    could you explain how that would get a percentage of a string? i'd like to learn as much as possible.
  4. That code gets half of the string.
    For any percentage: (untested)
    Code (Text):
    String string = "test";
    float percentage = 0.5f;
    return string.substring (0, Math.round (percentage * string.length ()));
  5. For a variable percentage you would need a method like this:

    Code (Text):
    public static String getOfPercentage(double percentage, String x) {
        // This might throw an exception
        int y = ((int) (1/percentage));
        return x.substring(0, (x.length() + (x.length() % y))/y);

    int y = ...: Gets the divisor when you did 1/y or whatever.
    x.substring(0, int): Basic Java. String are immutable so you have to get a potion of it as a new instance.
    the int for the second substring: Gets 1/y of the string and adds some when it is too small.

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    didnt seem to work either.

    basically, what im trying to get at is:

    get 40% of a string, then get the other 60% of it
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    thanks, ill try it out, now.
  8. I just edit it because 1. it was a void (facepalm) and 2. int y = (double) why??? (facepalm 2)
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    got an arithemtic exception from using your provided method.

    @ ArithmeticException: / by zero
  10. You need to do something like (1D/a number) because java thinks 1 should be an integer
  11. ramidzk's way is probably better, but here's (another) straight forward approach:
    Code (Text):
    String string = "1234567";
    float percentage = 0.4f;
    int intValue = Math.round (string.length () * percentage);
    Bukkit.broadcastMessage (string.substring (0, intValue) + "  " + string.substring (intValue));
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    thanks, that works!

    but, im going to mess around with the other way too