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  1. Hey guys!

    Just wondering if it's possible to get a player entity from another server and have them be in the exact same position on the server you're on? If so, is it possible to make them move around by sending data via bungeecord?

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  2. So to clear things up here you want this?:
    Player A on server A
    Player B on server B
    Player A can see player B if they are near each other?
    It's obviously possible, but I see no reason to want this...
  3. Some guys wants it for a plugin.. I have no idea either. But it's what he wants. Any idea how to do this?

    This is what I want: Player A can see player B if they are near each other?
    But visa-versa too

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  4. *facepalm*
    This is not possible guys, not at all.
  5. *facepalm*
    It's possible, but not practical at all.
  6. You would have to spawn a NPC of the player
  7. Didn't one huge network do something similar to this?
    Something about having 1000+ players on "one" server.

    I think that was chunk splitting, but had similar features to this.
  8. Yeah that's pretty much my server.
    Stores all player information(location, inventory, health, active potions etc. everything) in database.
    When you cross the barrier, you are moved to another bukkit server and all your stuff is loaded from the database with player.dat ignored. Pretty simple.
  9. @The_Doctor_123 I was talking about players from 2 servers see each other. Like the actual player, not some NPC
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  10. That'd sort of be possible. You could extremely heavily modified BungeeCord so that the packets don't only get sent to those on the server you're on.
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