Spigot Get Player UUID & Random ID / UUID Generator [+ PlaceHolderAPI Support] 1.4 [New download link]

This plugin generates random IDs and UUIDs via placeholders or via commands. It can also display the

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    Random ID - Generate random IDs and UUIDs

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  2. is can get offline player's uuid?
  3. Not yet, but I could add it
  4. Download the newest version, then it should work :)
  6. One more thing, can I get uuid from another player with placeholderapi?
    For example,% RandomID_uuid_ <playername>%.
  7. Good idea, I will do it in the next update - it will come today or tomorrow
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  8. Hello! Can this plugin support bungeecord in the future? I used it for ban menu. I entered the placeholder but it doesn't work at all. Please fix this my server is bungeecord server.