Get potion level on brew event

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  1. 0. Brew potion finish (ex Speed 1)
    1. Get potion level (1)
    2. Add potion level (getLevel + 1)
    3. Apply (Speed 2)

    I want make in this way
    how can i do? (Shouldn't need brew event)
  2. Have you tried anything sofar?
  3. It took me some research, however what I've come across:

    Gets the contents of the Brewing Stand.
    Returns an instance of BrewerInventory, and in there, we can see:

    Get the current ingredient for brewing.
    Returns an instance of ItemStack, and there we can use from Potion:

    fromItemStack(ItemStack item)
    Returns an instance of Potion. Which is a static method that we can use from the returned ingredient. From there, we can use:


    Returns the level of this potion.

    Returns an int as the current potion level. Methods in this class that are deprecated can still be used.
  4. Usually when a method is deprecated, there is a non-deprecated potentially better way to do what the deprecated method did, right? If so, do you see a better way in the javadocs? (I don't have time to look right now)
  5. Most of the time there is one, but sometimes deprecated methods are the only option
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  6. Bukkit methods usually have magic values, or other reasons why they're deprecated, however this one doesn't specify why at all. I assume it's due to the fact that they were going to implement a new system for something similar, but it never ended up updating.

    Don't be afraid in most of Bukkit's cases; they make no sense whatsoever. Even spawning a falling block is deprecated:

    FallingBlock spawnFallingBlock(Location location, int blockId, byte blockData)
    Magic value

    Again, another magic value that really means nothing at all. Like I said, feel free to use it, there's nothing wrong with it here.
  7. Ok, thanks for the info!
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  8. No problem at all! Keep in mind however, that I haven't tested the code, and it may not work. Just let me know and I will try to get something else to work :)