1.16.5 Get Sign Direction

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  1. Hi, so im using signs to let map builders decide what happens on the map, like putting "[Itemshop]" on the map will create an Itemshop on Gamestart. I had a few attempts trying to get the facing, but the facing of the sign is always "SELF", how do i get the actual rotation?
    Thank you for help :3
  2. I haven't tested this, but I believe this is what you're looking for.
    Code (Java):
    Sign sign = (Sign) signBlock.getBlockData();
    BlockFace blockFace = sign.getRotation();
  3. True, but there's also WallSign, which is a different interface, so type should be checked first.
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  4. sign.getRotation does not exist
  5. Check your import - it should be org.bukkit.block.data.type.Sign
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  6. But now it collides with the import "org.bukkit.block.Sign" and when i remove it, the other functions like getLine() doesn't work anymore
  7. Then do it like that - org.bukkit.block.data.type.Sign sign = (org.bukkit.block.data.type.Sign) signBlock.getBlockData();
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