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  1. Hello,

    Can someone make or find me a plugin like this. It won't take long at all.

    Here is what I would like:

    Typing: /getrank ( gives you this ) http://prntscr.com/71tya3

    same colors etc.


    Thank You!

    - Michael
  2. You should just use "/pex user {Name}" this'll give you that, but only with another message. But I hope that's not that big of a problem. Maybe it's possible to change the messages of PEX, not sure. But I don't think it matters that much when only staff members can do that.

    And I also think that this will take long for a developer to make, I can't say, but it sure wouldn't be a few minutes.
  3. If vault is installed, then it shouldn't take more than a few minutes to make this.
  4. #

    I meant for normal players to know their ranks :p
  5. How so?