Spigot GetSpawners [REFRESHED] 1.33

Simple, and the most well-programmed and clean spawner plugin.

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  1. Hey, I would like to give the next information.
    It seems the plugin works well with 1.13, but there was a minor bug in the console, like:
    - Could not pass event BlockPlaceEvent to GetSpawners v1.0
    It ain't harmful, but also easy to fix.
    By the way, great plugin! :D
  2. Ok, in my server that never happens, but I'll test it with other 1.13 server versions, thank you very much, try to tell me which 1.13 version you're using
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  3. Hello,
    I am trying to give everyone permission to mine spawners, but when they try, it says they do not have permission. However, the "give" permission works. I am on 1.14.
  4. If a player hits the dropped spawner with an egg (i.e. sheep's egg), does it change spawning type?
  5. no, in this plugin that does not happen
  6. MineManiacsBR
    1) On version 1.14 - Giving Spawner does not work.
    You always get just a pig.

    2) TAB does not work for argument substitution!

    P.S. How many downloads and no one reported a problem. :eek:
  7. Did you rename something in config.yml?
    Have you another spawner plugin installed?
    Let me see your error log.
  8. Sorry, this was due to the plugin installed — CMI
  9. ok, thank you, no problem :)
  10. Hello, players not op on my server are unable to mine spawners. Is there a permission node to allow the spawners to be mined? I have EssentialsX if that changes anything
  11. Permissions:
    Code (YAML):
    - getspawners.reload
    - getspawners.give
    - getspawners.drop
    - getspawners.drop.all
    - getspawners.drop.<mobname>
    - getspawners.drop.10%
    - getspawners.drop.20%
    - getspawners.drop.30%
    - getspawners.drop.40%
    - getspawners.drop.50%
    - getspawners.drop.60%
    - getspawners.drop.70%
    - getspawners.drop.80%
    - getspawners.drop.90%
    - getspawners.drop.100%
    - getspawners.place
    To mine spawner your players will need:

    - getspawners.drop //allow to drop (mine) spawner
    - getspawners.drop.all //alow to drop all mob spawners type
    - getspawners.drop.100% //set chance to 100%, will always mine and drop when attempt
  12. Thank you so much!